A significant update to Industry

He is just making assumptions , without any evidence to back it up.And you totally agree with him. wouao alt spam in forums .The good thing is there are 999 comments phrasing the devs ,the patch and keneth feld who made this patch happen .The best reply to you and your alts would be the re election of keneth feld and it is kinda coming .

It’s also turn to dust the feeling to get a bpc reward from an epic arc or as a drop from DED site or anomalis

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Ntopios is taking the piss bro. It’s a character he’s playing. He gets it.

Omfg, this topic is still in slow mode!?!?

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This is how I think a professional MMO team would roll out Industry changes:

Phase #1: New Component BPOs available for sale

Phase #2: Capital Ships start using new components

Phase #3: Faction Battleships start using new components

Phase #4: Faction Cruisers start using new components

Phase #5: Faction frigates start using new components

Each phase about 3 months

This would allow market to adjust gracefully and smoothly without drastic shakeouts and recessions.

People would slowly adjust to new industry rules. Suppliers would have enough time to build new supply chains. This would not result in significant player alienation and departure from the game.

What CSM didn’t tell you this?


wonder if

ntopios = keneth feld

what did we expect? CCP is not able to push the button.

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One does not simply… re-push the button.

Upon further reflection this change is still dogshìt.