A significant update to Industry

You must have trouble following conversations, or you’re being dishonest. Kind of hard to assume good faith on your part, so I’m gonna go with “being dishonest”. I was responding to an arbitrarily selected portion of the PCU graph with more recent, disconfirming evidence. There’s nothing wrong with that; it was contextually relevant. Then the goalpost shifted to “5 months ago” an then you shifted it to “5 years ago”. Shift shift shift. Gotta hold up that narrative.

You’re being dishonest and manipulating the data in a dishonest way. Shame on you.

No, I didn’t. That was the other guy. Stop lying.

It is in relation to what I was responding to. Be honest and keep things in context.

Arbitrarily selected portion to support a narrative. Yawn. First it was “5 months ago”, then it was “5 years ago”, and now it’s “look at this random 2 week period”. Jesus dude, just take your L with grace.

Ok. so the US has summers that last 5 months, so your original post about numbers rebounding based on your 5 month summer was accurate. But then for the month proceeding your 5 month summer, numbers actually dropped but I’m the one being dishonest.
EveOffline is ONLY accurate when you use it.

Got it. I’m dishonest because I used the same available information as you to show you were not right.

Get over yourself, you got it wrong and got called out. Boo Hoo.

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What I dont understand is why if you dislike CCPs decisions so much you are so invested in wanting to improve their bank.

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lolwhat? No, my dude, no no no. lmao

Summer is 3 months long, comprised of the months June, July, and August.

Keep lying and twisting instead of taking your L with grace.

Derailed thread is derailed.

Industry changes still bad. There, back on topic.


So why then did you include May and September in your “It was Summer my dude”, “already rebounding” post?
Your summer (my winter) shows 21k average, yet since then the average to date has dropped to 20k. Where is the rebound you stated?

And I’m the one lying and twisting.

Not sure how pointing out a blatant posting error by Xuixien points to me not liking CCP decisions or shows I am invested in improving their bank.
Seems to me you’re injecting your own narrative here.

For context and comparison.

On the image I posted.


And here I thought we were all back on topic. aww, shucks.

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Ypu have repeatedly stated your objections to their decisions on numerous topics, not least Scarcity and now Downtime asteroid regeneration.

Now you are arguing that the player numbers are dying.

Whats wrong with you that you seem to have forgotten these things because you want an argument?

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I’m certainly not the first player to pass this on to you, but having been a titan producer before the industry changes, I had fun calculating the basic resource requirements for producing an Avatar today. Here is what I found:

Isogen 140342600
Megacyte 3710580
Mexallon 492442200
Morphite 15000
Nocxium 16235600
Pyerite 1731447200
Tritanium 493820000
Zydrine 7205155

Helium Fuel Block 154075
Hydrogen Fuel Block 156745
Nitrogen Fuel Block 155595
Oxygen Fuel Block 178390

Atmospheric Gases 16015500
Cadmium 21100
Caesium 14800
Dysprosium 6300
Evaporite Deposits 5350100
Hydrocarbon 16018900
Mercury 68800
Neodymium 6300
Platinum 75900
Promethium 68800
Silicates 5353500
Technetium 8400
Thulium 6300
Tungsten 67500
Vanadium 8600

Fullerite- C28 488800
Fullerite-C32 468800
Fullerite-C50 211800
Fullerite-C60 311900
Fullerite-C70 487100
Fullerite-C72 266500
Fullerite-C84 420200
Fullerite-C320 156300
Fullerite-C540 175000

Bacteria 400000
Biocells 5000
Broadcast Node 5580
Chiral Structure 1000000
Gel-Matrix Biopaste 10000
Hermetic Membranes 3500
Integrity Response Drones 10448
Miniature Electronics 20000
Nanite 5000
Nano-Factory 5560
Organic Mortar Applicators 4000
Oxygen 500000
Protein 200000
Recursive Computing Module 750
Self-Harmonizing Power Core 8600
Sterile Conduits 2224
Synthetic Synapses 4000
Test Cultures 5000
Water 25375000
Wetware Mainframe 5936

Amber Mykoserocin 3200
Azure Mykoserocin 3200
Celadon Mykoserocin 3200
Golden Mykoserocin 3200
Lime Cytoserocin 500
Lime Mykoserocin 43200
Malachite Cytoserocin 500
Malachite Mykoserocin 43200
Vermillion Mykoserocin 3200
Viridian Mykoserocin 3200

AG-Composite Molecular Condenser 80
AV-Composite Molecular Condenser 80
Counter-Subversion Sensor Array 10
CV-Composite Molecular Condenser 80
Enhanced Electro-Neural Signaller 10
Isotropic Deposition Guide 750
LM-Composite Molecular Condenser 1130
Meta-molecular Combiner 10
Nano Regulation Gate 25
Nanoscale Filter Plate 10

Based on the market, that’s 750b for an Avatar (and there aren’t enough resources on the market). Is this really what CCP wants? :slight_smile:

Im sorry you cant build your bling engine. Its hard enough to build an Orca as it is.

Yes it is.

They wanted it to be aids to build caps. They accomplished it and then some. Why the fùcking fùck were t1 battleships and faction subs included in this batshìt crazy bullshìt?

We’re gonna fix cap proliferation. Proceeds to shìt on subs. CCP 2021


people voted for kenneth feld after he was bragging about the industry patch and how proud he was making this staff happen .now eat ■■■■ everybody you deserve itfly with the caracal etch

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No I didnt

I voted for Mike


good for you , but he got elected making his wallet fat while eliminating the competition .gj to people that voted him , when u buy a faction ship and your wallet goes to 0 think of your vote and be happy and do not forget you can fly the caracal or the ferox and be a feeder ^^ while the rich people are in vargur and nightmares online gj

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wtf does that mean?

Stating objections - As in “giving feedback”, in a feedback thread. Is that not what this thread and others like it are for?
Do you not voice your opinion when you disagree with someone or something.
I strongly voiced my opinion, before the changes, about how badly Rorqual changes would break things. Was I wrong to do so?

I never “argued” at all that numbers are “dying”, I simply pointed out the numbers weren’t “recovering” as Xuixien suggested

Wow, English comprehension is hard.

What exactly were you using as your comparison, you posted A single screenshot stating “it was summer dude”, that covered 5 months. The last two months of which (post “summer” “dude”) show a drop in player numbers.
So again,

What are you using as your comparison?

I’d suggest you look up the meanings for “context” and “comparison”

No one said you were. Why so defensive?

“ok” “Nitpicker”

You really love arguing and having high blood pressure.

If you are going to argue semantics and not actually discuss in good faith, its no wonder you basically fight with everyone here, even people who actually agree with your basic points.

And yeah totally expect a “Where did I say mehe meh meh”

PLease feel free to have a last word, Ill not be responding if its just more defensive self pitying crying as usual.

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The downward slope that was referenced here:


Of course, because EVE’s PCU typically dips during the NA summer. But as we can see on the portion I selected (do I need to draw a red circle for you to better understand?) the PCU numbers are already rebounding.

I’d suggest you try to follow conversations more closely. It’s helpful to read the posts people are replying to, instead of just pulling their posts completely out of context. :crazy_face: