A significant update to Industry

Fine but before you go, woud you mind telling me why you didn’t bother responding to my posts in context instead of “nitpicking”.
I’m good no high blood pressure here, seems you are the teary one, drowning in self pity as you just don’t get it.
Bullshite no context posting doesn’t bother me at all. Your posting is entertaining only because it is just so obviously a subtle, juvenile attempt at cyber bullying OR you really don’t have a clue and actually believe you are contributing with your sad attempts to make me “feel bad”. Either way thanks, got some good laughs at your expense so, I’m good.

It does but Not this year, it actually dipped post your summer.

WOW. Break your screenshot down by the month, I did. You may see they aren’t, yet. PCU for your summer is higher than it was for the 2 months after.
To show a PCU rebound you need to show what it was during your summer, then what it was at the time of your posting.

No, it didn’t. Just check the graph.

They are, just check the graph.

…summer hasn’t even been over for 2 months?

… I did.

Either you’re dumb or just lying and being a troll at this point. At either rate, I’m done wasting my time on you. Take care, muted.

Clearly not, its all you ever do.

Like the stream of tears that was to be your last word except you asked for a reply.

God you are such a crybaby.

CCP ■■■■■■ up industry. Why you need to attack people who agree I dont know.

Maybe theyre making clearer points than you.


Yes it is

Damn, you’re good. Still no context but;

Hmmmm, those tears must be yours. Wasn’t it you that wasn’t going to respond.
I asked you to respond about the lack of context in your replies - And you being you, responded with absolutely no context.
I have Never said CCP fuked up industry, so why would I agree with numpties who say they did. You reading words I never wrote AGAIN?
You really need to actually read the posts you respond to before responding.

I’m sorry English is so obviously a second language for you, must make things difficult.

For someone who isnt upset, you sure have a hard time not going on and on about it.

Yeah well they did, so suck it up.

They really did.


I didnt think it was so bad until I got my old Orca bpcs out and had a look.

Laugh? I nearly shat.

Are Reactions and PI making CCP money or something just on their own?


People use PI alts. @Kenneth_Feld told in an interview that people now should use reactions alts as well.

Alts make CCP money.


Ugh vile.

Alts yes, PI and Reactions no

The fact people pay to literally receive nothing.

They could just buy plex instead


Ok guys )

I mean, they pay to get back to where they already were in a way.

I guess, but in stead of paying to have an alt to do nothing for a while, then have another alt pick up the stuff and sell at Jita, just buy plex instead?

Maybe thats the plan, but it doesnt really make CCP any more or less money

Another three weeks have passed and this is still bullshìt. Just a friendly reminder.

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