A significant update to Industry

redeem SP, buy extractor, sell injector, buy ore.

Here, bonus Ore on the login :smiley:

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Blegh :face_vomiting:

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Players aren’t losing anything.

A T1 miner mines the same amount as before from a field.

A T2 miner mines more than they current mine by @65%.

A factional miner mines even more than they currently mine from a field by 100%

People should like at waste as how inefficient the miner is. And if you want to mine more resources from a field you meta and skill up. It’s not rocket science

They are losing potential. Which is all that was added, and still by far less than before scarcity took hold.
You flying the 900m hulks to get 100% efficiency? Perhaps you wouldn’t mind mentioning where you’re going to be doing that? I would gladly pay a hecate each to delete that kind of stupidity and resell the modules to you at a fair price.


There is not enough faction modules to talk about them. Scratch that for now.

For the noob, low skilled, and the poor, you also need to take into account that you waste the ore before anything is put into your hold. It is not 50-50 distributed waste+ore in your hold.

So your last cycle that would normally finish the asteroid, instead of timing it to approximately the moment you have mine what is left (which would result in 100% waste and 0% in your hold with T1 with the proposed change), you need to stop the cycle to approximately half that is left. If you are not paying attention, or if you are not a bot able to precisely stop the cycle to extract the optimal, you will end up with less ore than before (with T1 for sure) ,because there will always be more waste on the last cycle. The smaller the rock and the less cycles you need to finish the rock, the more waste due to timing, even if you are paying attention, because you are not a bot (I guess).

Because of the “waste first” mechanic, I would not advise to shoot the 2 lasers on the same rock.

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No one with brains would do that anyhow even now…

As to the last cycle, yes there is a chance of it completely turning into dust with T1 lasers, but you still mine slightly more for the same time with adjustment for that last rock finishing cycle.

While a t2 laser in the same time will mine slightly better due to default bonus, but has been calculated out to left @50% more resources to mine from rock/gas/ice after waste calculations been done.

Won’t touch ORE/factional as most Won’t be willing to outlay the isk for those.

Only bicephals have “brains”…
But I guess that you just meant people who don’t have enough experience, like the noobs who orbits that one single rock with their 2 lasers and are sliingshoted 50km away when the rock is done.

We agree on what I said then. As for the increase of yield, what I see from the Procurer for example, only using 2 mining laser upgrade II, the difference is thin, If I ever mine again (not for ISK, only for need) K’d use the 3rd low slot for some tanking to make up for the removal of 2 mids. I don’t use the other barges, so don’t care what happen there. Same for the Skiff, the difference is barely noticeable (1650m3/180sec vs 1700m3/180sec).

I was using T1 strip miners, because I didn’t wanted to switch crystals all the time, and I got accustom to the yield I had with the T1s. I bought T2s this weekend, just in case the price would spike (I can always re-sell them later if I don’t use them). I’ll see later, if I care, for the factual numbers with T2s. But so far I’m fed up with the proposed changes and like I said, might not mine except for sporadic needs. I might check again if they do some adjustment.

That is true with current live server setup.

But the new t2 crystal setup would be one type for each group of rocks, so common highsec rocks use A crystals, while trig rocks use E crystals.

So with highsec rocks you’d use A I or A II crystals and only change to type B or A depending if you want to ripe through the field with extra wastage with the type b, or happy to stick with the longer time, but much lower wastage with the type a.

A and C crystals cover the majority of the base ores, while E covers trig/abyssal ores (3 types) and F cover Mercoxit only.

So the update will reduce crystal requirements to mine fields.


On test server Compact Mobile Asteroid Ore Compression Unite A II on Orca makes from 40610 Concentrated Veldspar → 40000 Compressed Concentrated Veldspar.( yah 1:1 free ores after compresion)

Numbers are off please duble check them in this configuration.


This update should make compressed ore reduced in volume, not quantity. This means that the chunk size( the quantity required to reprocess) is the same, as well as the reprocessed quantity.

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ok, thx make sens

Hope im in the right place , But why is it that when im building a JF now that i need another Capital temp core ? while im allready using one in the freighter i am “upgrading”?

seems a bit weird that you need 2 while a carrier has 1 and a JF isnt even a combat ship?

Greetings MrNoodless

kenneth felt at his best delivering our beloved patch .and do not ask that kind of question cause the reply s will be adapt or die suck it etch

That would be logical. I suspect ccp is saying that we are so bad at industry that we break all those source parts from the original hull during upgrade. Which brings me to the question "why do I need the t1 hull if have to remake parts that it already contains?

Jump Freighters are the only T2 capital ships in the game. It’s not that strange they take an extra capital temperature core to build. Be glad it isn’t 15, like supercarriers.