A significant update to Industry

you are also unaware of the various rounds of industry changes that took place over the last 18 years that required different skills and blueprints.

Faction subs have always been minerals plus scarce and expensive bpc. Always. Making them available to literally everyone universally if they happened upon a bpc. Lots of changes, that never did. Until last year when these cucks took it from everyone and hand delivered all faction subcap production to established t2 manufacturers.


Yep, definitely unaware. the blueprints haven’t been scarce or expensive since the abundance error and before the abundance error, the minerals weren’t cheap either.

And yeah, having to have libraries of ore reprocessing blueprints and some skills that are either not in the game or were converted to something else did change production.

You keep repeating that ‘t2 manufacturers’ are producing them and its false every time. Lose your obsession with running ded sites and run missions instead of you want to produce the ships so badly.

Note the word you chose.

get gud. No one is building the ships to produce them.

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Then they are buying them from npcs, not producing them. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it forces a specific playstyle. One that i find boring and tedious.

Everyone has access to zkill. You are no authority on what is “gud”. You are food.

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the play style of LP farming ships in missions is the same as farming the blueprints except missions are faster. If anything mission running is less tedious than ded site running.

Mission rats don’t drop 1b+isk items either. They also can’t work out to be one bpc per mission, which is highly unlikely but not impossible in ded sites. I have gotten 6 in a row before. They also tie you to a particular faction, area of space, sometimes even a single system to keep running those missions. None of that is true for ded runners.