A significant update to Industry

Prolly wise.


Still waiting for a ‘Significant’ change to industry.

Respectfully request a roll back to 2018 systems and mechanics. At least people were in space back then.


CCP are backed into a corner and their culture and values are beginning to leak out. Deleted tweets, staff leaving… That stuff happens for a reason. They’ve broken their IP and they can’t admit they’ve broken it as such a revelation would need to come from the top and there’s no way production are going to put their jobs at risk by openly admitting incompetence.

FW revamp will flop, it’s niche content. I suspect later this year or perhaps early next, when the content underwhelms, that’s when we’ll see some genuine traction on rolling back the mistakes of the last 3 years and we’ll begin to see new sinks (i.e. content - T3 ships, mini structures, sun mining infra) to balance the econ the right way.


Man, I hope you’re right.

Even moreso i hope im wrong. My expectations are that they will continue towards their current apparent goal of running off everyone that gives a ■■■■ and turning this game into eve echos pc. So they can milk whales more thoroughly.

There’s needed to be more content for FW for a long time. You mistakenly assume it’s niche content because so fwe people are in it, but so few people are in it because it’s had no iteration and has been the same for over a decade.

We need FW content more than we need dumb ■■■■ for nullsec to complain about some more. Because that’s all nullsec does, complain.

Right, fw has needed a revamp for a long time. I dont think they’ll do it justice. In fact, i expect them to do similar ■■■■ to what they’ve done to faction sub production. That being adding extra layers of ■■■■■■■■ requirements just to get back to the same reward level you used to have. Parhapse they might even make it so one player literally cant do fw by themselves. Probably best if you temper your expectiations.

P.s. Nullsec actually has been consistently and repeatedly shafted over the las 3 years. They complain and they should.


God forbid

They should undo that ewar nerf and make these ships a viable strategy again.

God forbid indeed. Can’t have all these individual paying customers doing anything worthwhile or productive with their time when their friends are offline. Unless it an instanced pocket of space and a scripted encounter right?

No idea, I just find the concept of Factional WARFARE being practised by an individual solo a laughably misnamed part of the theme park.

But you do you, as the kids these days say.

They’re currently just ratting with more steps and a fairly sizable lp reward. Its faster with more and you get more reward for killing players of the opposing faction but it is largely soloable. That part shouldn’t change imo. Eve doesnt currently have the population to demand everything be intricately connected on multiple levels with assloads of people involved every step of the way in what was previously the simplest of tasks… Why is that so damn familiar? Oh yeah, thats why we’re here in the first place.

EvE is dying so lets not even bother playing together?

Why not just have it all individually instanced then, get rid of all that messy multiplayer.

Is that what I said? Or… did i suggest we be realistic about how we approach this mechanic. Unlike what was done with faction sub and t1bs production.

For example they could remove the requirement to commit your corp and make it a thing you can join on just your toon. They could also make it a short term commitment that you can enable and disable at will but with a long lockout for faction hopping. Add NEW open world objectives inside and outside (deep in enemy territory type ■■■■) of fw space to fight over.

Ffs we had to move our operation to Tama just to find fights bc the other half of fw space was completely dead. As in mostly 0 pop in systems. Not just low numbers actually undocked. Tama… The single most asscancer fw system in the entirety of eve. Just to find fights, as pirates that havent chosen a side and thus restricted our targets by 50%.

I dont really see how thats you doing it solo, but ok, whatever makes you happy vOv.

It’s not me doing it solo, but if people cant do it solo then they wont be out there for me to kill. Much like how the vni nerf removed food from my table any change that would prevent solo players from participating in fw would do the same. Ill go a step further, any change that reduces the amount of people undocked in space is objectively bad. Increasing the burden for pre-existing activities is just as bad. More than that its lazy, those new higher burdens should be for BRAND NEW content.

*I used to kill 10+ vnis a night solo in a wolf, and i wont be the only one that did that either. All of that destruction stopped immediately when they weren’t flying anymore. Lets not do anything as stupid as that again please.

Oh your saying that if the task takes ten people to do, no one will do it, but if its doable by one person, ten people might all do the same thing?

Im more saying that if its doable by one person, they should change the name to something a bit less grandiose.

They’ll do it, but there will be less total pilots involved AND you wont find anyone that isn’t in the minimum group size running around aside from indy targets.

You will still find ■■■■ like:

You won’t find ■■■■ like this anymore:

Removing more links in the food chain would be a big mistake. Akin to taking previously universal abilities and gatekeeping them behind multiple structure ownership in low/null thus handing it to establish industrial powerhouses and cutting everyone else out.

Hey, you got my vote, I have no Idea what any of that means lol.

Industry has literally never been in a worse place.


Industry has literally never been in a better place.