A simple change and time saver

I am a member of an intel channel that covers multiple regions, and as I am new to the area
I find it difficult to keep up with hostile movements that pertain to me.

The suggestion is to change the tool tip for linked systems from
"Show Solar System Info"
to for example
"Branch Solar System Info"
so that each tool tip would relate to the region which the link is from.
It would save bringing up new windows only to close them seconds later.

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Give it time you’ll memorize your entire region. You are likely pretty new to your area and haven’t given yourself the chance to start memorizing it. It’s not a needed change btw because it already exists when you look at the const. map or map in general.

Or print it out and put it on your desk. The maps from Dotlan should be ok for this.

I don’t text and drive why would I want to text and rat?

I tend to agree with Nasar Vyron about the memorization of a region, over time you do develop a fairly good knowledge of what areas tend to be ‘hot’ and what areas are reasonably ‘safe’.

Given time, this is also the best way to build up your knowledge because as a pilot, to fly confidently you don’t really want to have to keep looking up the information, you need to know it intimately.

Having said all this, I do think it’s a good idea on some levels because it would be an easy way to initially access some pertinent information on a new area.

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