A small house in space

Alphas could access to anchoring so basically we can anchor stuff in space like cans and MD or MTU
But can we anchor a place like a tiny station in space and see it as our little house in space?
Yes they have the floating citadel
But a place where I could settle down since the hub are huge and too noisy for me

Nice dream, but the reality is your little home in space would last exactly as long as it took someone to find it and blow it up.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:



Medium Citadels are apparently in the works.

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Citadel is a entire city in space… And it’s noisy plus not a price I can afford atm

Medium, ie: Affordable.


The Astrahaus is the Medium Citadel.

–Helpful Gadget

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Build a house is enough
I don’t need a whole city XD



The girl on the right with angtena
Is she an alien?


Little House On The…never mind it just got blown up.


It will live on forever in his loving memory though. :heart: :wink:

Maybe she’s Jovian… same difference if that is the case. :slight_smile:

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Pray for the Jove
Pray for the house

I am not so sure about that, because every little basement dweller who dreams of not living with his mom will want one … and then we’ll have tens of thousands, litterally* everywhere.

*that’s not a typo.

Isn’t we all are basement dwellers? Right?..
No? Just me?..
*Crawl back to my corner

Man… we all are.
Well… most of us, I would guess.

: - )

I would support this if, to prevent the inevitable spammage, they can be attacked without any timers happening.


You mean, small citadel’s?

Something similar is eventually the pipeline, they call it “Player forward operating base” and was presented in the structure pannel at fanfest. It’s something between a mobile depot and a medium citadel. You can find it around 34:00 in the video.

But no idea if they are for alphas.

I don’t mind paying sub