A subscription mechanic for ACL Bookmarks


I think ACL Bookmarks are awesome for people like me with an ever increasing amount of them. With ACLs I can sell access to my bookmarks, which made me think of the amount of work that’s needed once a sufficient amount of people start using them.

ACL Bookmarks will allow selling access. A market around bookmarks will emerge eventually. I’ll hopefully be one of the first offering access to his bookmarks and I’m definitely not the only one with a really nice collection of them.

A subscription mechanic would allow offsetting the obvious beaurocracy behind this.
It’s basically a check “if player paid sum, then allow access to the configured bookmarks, else remove access to bookmarks.”

You might think I’m lazy, but you have no idea how many bookmarks I make per week. Organizing and selling access to them isn’t an easy undertaking. Having different customers wanting access to different sets of bookmarks makes this worse. I’m not saying I want all the work taken from me, but I still need time to actually play the game. Burning out on “beaurocracy” is neither a myth in EVE, nor a laughing matter.

This market will definitely happen. The only thing that prevented it from being a thing already, is the fact that one can only copy 10 bookmarks at a time … and that’s one of the most mind numbing things I’ve ever did when I copied just 500 of them.


That market already exists and does not exist for obvious reasons. There are already people selling gate pings in null sec regions who have been doing that for years. It never really took off for obvious reasons. Just as you are able to buy bookmarks from such a person, so are your enemies or neutrals living in the area. Nothing is more fun than landing on a gate ping to avoid a bubble only to see the campers on your ping.

You can rejoice, however. During the mass test I was able to copy 200 Bookmarks in one go from folders to other folders. Which brings me to the next downside of your suggestion: You can only share 500 bookmarks in shared folders and you only have 3 shareable folders. The old system allows you to “share”/sell as many bookmarks as you want. The new system limits you to 1500.

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1500 per alt. Alpha clone alts work, too.

I’ve reached 1000+ in Hek today.
1500 isn’t a lot at all. :confused:

1000 bookmarks in one system? oO And I was already worried with my 300… I still have ways to go, by the looks of it. flies off to create more bookmarks to break the new system

I suppose you could find anything in a system with dscan and enough bookmarks - no scan probes required.

1030ish, so far. :blush:

99% are around a single station. For now. :slight_smile:


Yes, each shared folder can only have 500 bookmarks in it.

However, you can only have 3 active shared folders. That active is the key word. You can have inactive folders too. They’re in your list of folders, you just can’t use the contents, unless you swap them out with one of the active ones.

There is a limit of how many you can be subscribed to. but, you can also keep links to them in, say, your eve mail, and unsubscribe, resubscribing as required.

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If they are inactive, they are not shared.

A shared folder is one both you, and other people, have access to.

Just because you don’t have it as active, someone else may.

I’m unsure how you’re saying that just because you don’t have it open, it’s not shared.

Thank you for sharing the info, epic beard man! :smiley:

I think the point is that somebody (the originator of the bookmarks and administrator of the ACL) must have that shared folder active. If that person who “owns” the bookmarks has the folder inactive then it will not be shared with anybody else.

Where are you getting that from?

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