A Thief's Journal: Week 1 - Back in the seat

Week 1: 4/11 - 4/18/2020

Well we are off to a good start. After a picking out our regions, we got to work scouting structures. It didn’t take too long before everyone was set up, not nearly as long as I thought it would.

I’m going to try to keep track of any activity on grid with the unanchoring structures but sometimes there just isn’t any activity at all.

Agal - Industrial (Star Serpent Corporation)
Found: 4/10 10:55pm
Unanchored: 4/11 6:17 PM
Structure: Raitaru
Sold: 493,833,000isk
Scooped: Shamus
Star Serpent, the owner and CEO, was there at the structure waiting for it to unanchor. Apparently he didn’t know that the structure popped 50km away from him, when he needs to be within 2,500m to scoop it. I say this because he was slow boating to it. I had warped straight to the compressed Raitaru and scooped it right from under his nose.
I then talked with him and gave him some tips about how to do it better next time. He seemed like a good guy that really just didn’t know much about structures and how they worked. We added each other to contacts to keep in touch. In case he ever needs my services or advice. He is the kind of pilot we need here in New Eden, one that can take a loss and not give up.
Sadly though, he stopped unanchoring his Athanor that was on grid.

Bherdasopt - Public Refinery (Low Tax Mission Snax)
Found: 4/7 10:28pm
Unanchored: 4/12 1:05pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 772,420,500isk
Scooped: Gendrath
Thought that this one would come out on Tuesday, and I had found it the first day of unanchoring, I’m glad I was off today and watching the controls. No one was on grid but man it still gets my heart pumping as much as if someone was on grid. It doesn’t last as long though. Great present for Easter Sunday, I do call them eggs when they pop unanchored. Beautiful little eggs…

Ebasez - UT Station (Uranian Technologies)
Found 4/10 5:23pm
Unanchored: 4/12 3:48pm
Structure: Astrahus
Sold: 918,850,000isk
Scooped: Shamus
Shivaitee, the station owner showed up as it popped but he warped to the old saved location and was 38km away from the Astrahus when I landed next to its compressed egg. Second one for Easter Sunday.
Mmmm it’s kind of nice to scoop up an Astrahus, they are the most expensive of the medium structures. He didn’t take it too well that I was reclaiming his structure and told me to go ■■■■ myself multiple times. I offered to teach him how to do it properly, but he said “I Need no lessons from a thief!” and told me yet again to go ■■■■ myself. Probably one of the saltier ones that I’ve had so far.

Pashanai - SHSLC - Maquro (Sashimi Holdings LLC)
Found: 4/8 11:32pm
Unanchored: 4/13 6:50am
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 742,900,000isk
Scooped: Zaphire
Woke up after server reset to log back in the characters and while loading in Zaphire I noticed the Athanor she was watching had popped, there is a hanger container and a shuttle on grid. Ok its a shuttle no worries, I initiate warp to the egg and a Tayra shows up on grid while I’m in warp, he is right on grid with the Athanor! But instead of scooping it first he goes for the hangar container! I scoop the Athanor and warp off, dock up and disconnect… I think that this station belonged to some old alliance friends that destroyed my once great Moon mining empire. One by one as they leave I will be there to scoop their structures. Also the fact that this one was a wake up and instant scoop leads me to believe in my instincts even more. If I had been any slower I would have missed this one. Seconds count in this profession

Zimse - Core (MM Holdings)
Found: 4/13 10:21pm
Unanchored: 4/15 4:43pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 767,435,250isk
Scooped: Shamus
I found a new method of notification for the structures when they finish unanchoring with this Athanor. I tried putting a single item the station so I’d get a notification of item movement to Asset Safety when the station unanchors. I was right! It notifies you not 30s after it pops and becomes scoop-able. I was in Munory, which is a system over, when this one popped and I am surprised I made in and was able to scoop it. I landed on grid with 2 other ships, One Vagabond and one Tayra.
I Thought I was going to miss it to the Tayra but I was able to land and scoop it before they were, the Vagabond had me targeted but didn’t attack or anything, which is interesting. I wonder if the Praxis I am flying is a deterrent. I made it to a station safe and sound to unload the compressed station.
Man what a rush; awesome to know that it is a near instant notification that your items are being transferred to asset safety. Sadly at his next Athanor he brought 4 other battleships to defend it. I decided to leave that one be and not test the bounds of my ship

Bania - Deep Thought (42 Deep Thought Industries) 4/17 @ ?
Found: 4/12 2:36pm
Unanchored: 4/17 Missed
Missed this one due to work, left @ 10am, returned at 5pm, empty grid, I bet it was around lunch time. Maybe I should take the tablet to work to monitor during lunch? For the moment though, missing one here and there when earning real world money isn’t so bad. With the new method of alarming the structures I am able to camp whole systems that are small enough.
Zimse for example, has 4 unanchoring and is less than 14au across. Allowing you to pop around system, while you wait for the structure to pop. once it does, D-Scan the system and warp to the egg.

4/17/2020 9:41pm
Looking though other battleships and fits, the Praxis is really the only one that can fit a structure in it and still have a decent align time. The only other one with anywhere enough space is the Megathron but it aligns twice as slow as the Praxis, so it is the only viable battleship to scoop with.

4/18/2020 1:37am
Looking through Industrial ships to see if there are any other viable options and @ max skills I got one down to 3.88s align time. Badger it does require lvl V Caldari Industrial (I - V 20day @ 34.5sp/m) to be that fast and have enough cargo space for a small structure. This will be Zaphires’ new ship since she has the max skills to fly the thing. will be super nice knowing she is that slippery. Sadly it is a fit for Omega Scooper Pilots only.

Zimse - 05 moon (ind Corporation of Moon Hellcat)
Found: 4/13 10:22pm
Unanchored: 4/18 9:35am
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 796,662,500isk
Scooped: Shamus
I warped to the egg after it had popped, thanks to the new notification method. I landed on grid with an Orca and an Iteron mk V. The Iteron V was 9,000km and closing away from the structures egg when I landed on grid, I was able to scoop it, warp off and drop into another station safely to wait out the suspect timer.
I did miss one 30 minutes ago though sadly, we will see how many we can get by days end.
I played the Salvager/Reclaimer a bit more with this corporation.

Private Chat Logs
tyrish Thellere > Hi

Shamus O’neal > o/
Shamus O’neal > whats up?

tyrish Thellere > You recently talked to Nickolas F Hunt
I advise you to return the stolen otherwise you will have problems

Shamus O’neal > Stolen? I’m sorry but i have a work order for the reclamation of unwanted structure 73169-f in Zimse, if this work order was filed in error, a fee of 750mil is required to get the structure out of impound

tyrish Thellere > Who made this order?

Shamus O’neal > Anon-469 on the 13th of the month

tyrish Thellere > Do you understand that in case of failure you will be ordered?

Shamus O’neal > I think you are failing to understand, I acknowledge I have your structure, I acknowledge that you want it back, but i cannot comply without the processing fee of 750mil to return the structure out of impound.

Haron F Hunt > Hello pic maker, you have an hour to bring station back or u will be illuminated. I’m just saying a fact

Shamus O’neal > :slight_smile: processing fee of 750,000,000isk is required my friend. Work order 73169-f has been completed and a processing fee is required to remove the structure Zimse - 05 moon (ind Corporation of Moon Hellcat) from impound and adoption

Shamus O’neal > ooooh we already have someone looking to adopt your structure for 800mil, I can hold the adoption papers for a moment if you would like to get it out of impound

Shamus O’neal > Failure to pay the processing fee has seen your athanor adopted into a new home, I hope you treat your things better next time

Work Order 73169-f from Anon-469, ha! I tried to give it back to them for a 750,000,000isk processing fee
They brought 13 ships (78.3mil) to try to kill me! Didn’t pop the praxis though, they had me in hull by the time Concord detected their aggression and proceeded to vaporize the ships they were flying.
I put their kill rights up for 10mil(changed to 25) each so hopefully that’ll do some damage and get used, +130mil(295mil) for me.

Your kill right was used
Sent: 2020.04.18 20:22

Mantoptera Bogomol has been killed using your kill right. The kill right you had on this capsuleer has now been removed.

Mantoptera Bogomol was one of the guys that tried to suicide gank me after stealing 05 moon.

Successful Kill rights so far
Laavainell Makanen: No Kill report avaliable - 10mil Kill right
Mantoptera Bogomol (Drekavac) - https://zkillboard.com/kill/83464280/ 10mil Kill Right
Alexander Hennesy (Tayra) - https://zkillboard.com/kill/83466889/ 25mil Kill Right
UnnamedPlayer (Gila) 2x25mil Kill Right - https://zkillboard.com/kill/83492986/
Kiril Deninard (Moa) 2x25mil Kill Right - https://zkillboard.com/kill/83549109/
L82 - 10mil Kill Right but no kill
Roman Asder (Drekavac) - 25mil Kill Right - https://zkillboard.com/kill/83623283/

2020.04.24 17:22 Kill Right 25,000,000 ISK God Emperor Kane bought kill right on Roman Asder from Shamus O’neal
2020.04.21 18:43 Kill Right 25,000,000 ISK Omar Chimera bought kill right on Kiril Deninard from Shamus O’neal
2020.04.21 18:13 Kill Right 25,000,000 ISK Bot Model1000 bought kill right on Kiril Deninard from Shamus O’neal
2020.04.19 16:57 Kill Right 25,000,000 ISK Frikkoso bought kill right on UnnamedPlayer from Shamus O’neal
2020.04.19 10:03 Kill Right 25,000,000 ISK Giges Thellere bought kill right on UnnamedPlayer from Shamus O’neal
2020.04.18 21:40 Kill Right 25,000,000 ISK Cargo Bandit bought kill right on Alexander Hennesy from Shamus O’neal
2020.04.18 20:21 Kill Right 10,000,000 ISK DerpimusPrime Aihaken bought kill right on Mantoptera Bogomol from Shamus O’neal
2020.04.18 20:00 Kill Right 10,000,000 ISK Mister Peking bought kill right on L82 from Shamus O’neal
2020.04.18 19:58 Kill Right 10,000,000 ISK MacGybo bought kill right on Laavainell Makanen from Shamus O’neal

Total so far: 180mil from Kill Rights from Buying and not completing, them being slippery earns me more money!!

Zimse - 04 moon (ind Corporation of Moon Hellcat)
Found: 4/13 10:28pm
Unanchored: 4/18 1:05pm
Structure: Athanor
Sold: 796,662,500isk
Scooped: Shamus
They were protecting it with their fleet on grid, all their suicide ships and even some actual combat ships, I warped to the egg, aligned out, made speed, scooped, warped and the chase was on. I miss-clicked a gate instead of a structure and tried to U-turn; big mistake that turned out to be, they caught me on the gate as I tried to jump to a structure in system. I guess instead I’ll have to jump the gate and try again on the other side.

The Stargate wormhole spit me out into the next system, where I don’t think my controls were responding correctly and I was sitting there aligning for a moment, mashing on the warp command in a fury. It finally responded and I entered warp headed to; another gate, damn. Lets do another U-turn to the first structure on overview. Few moments pause while I’m aligning to the nearest structure, as my heart is beating out of the clones chest.

Time seemed to slow here and the 8 second align time that this battleship has felt more like the align time of a transporters freighter. I’m finally into warp headed in a safe direction and this cat and mouse game can come to an end.

“Whooo! what a rush!” I scream into local chat “Man! Better than cocain!!!”

Man that was a ton of fun and totally worth it! God damn, here I am 10 minutes later still with the shakes and heart pounding, god damn the Praxis is a good fit for this line of work. glad I could save this one from the dust.

Man I still have the shakes from that last encounter, what a rush!!! I’m very impressed with the Praxis and now I’m more confident that even if someone is defending and on grid I have a good chance of scooping it and getting away safely.
That’s 2 Athanors for today and in total 4 structures in the Praxis, I’d call that a staggering success for a battleship used for stealing structures. should have used Gendrath on the 4th structure, he was there in system and the defense fleet was following me. Would have snagged a 3rd today I bet.

The rush is finally calming down. Wow that really was some amazing content and I am super surprised that;

  1. The Praxis survived the suicide run attempt
  2. I scooped it right out from under the whole fleet they had waiting to defend it
  3. I made it away safely
  4. That it was done on an alpha clone

Shout out to this corporation for having some balls to try to protect their structure (ind Corporation of Moon Hellcat)

First Week
4/11/2020 - 4/18/2020
Astrahus:[1] Athanor:[5] Raitaru:[1]
Gendrath:[1] Shamus:[5] Zaphire:[1]

Net Gain: 5,393,763,750isk
Net Loss: 0isk

What a week it has been! 5.3 Billion isk in the bank!! So many things learned, so early on, that can only make for a more successful journey and business venture. The notification system, the hardiness and speed of the Alpha Praxis, the speed of the Badger. All compared to what I used to run in the Iteron mk V. such a slow boat it feels like now.

Had the most exhilarating scoop to date including before this play through of eve. Survived a Suicide gank of 13 people; and then subsequently scooped a structure from under the same 13 + 3 others including a Tengu.

https://zkillboard.com/br/118498/- Missing one ship from the attempted suicide run

https://evepraisal.com/a/qea01 - Estimated value of Reclaimed Structures before taxes and fees

This has been Week 1 of 12. I hope you guys enjoy the sticky fingered adventures of the Valkson clan. I will be releasing a new week every Sunday.


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