SOOO-TTTIIII-YYYYOOOO and an Azbel (Exert from "A Thief's Journal")

So I returned to the game s few months ago and began stealing structures wherever and whenever I ran across them. I have been keeping a journal in the main perspective of one of my characters Shamus. Today has been an amazing day and I thought I would share a part of it with you guys.

Sotiyo owner becomes active and is out mining with a multiclone. Gendrath is stalking them. Good god though his active hours are right around when we go to bed, so we are super tired but man it’s a ■■■■■■■ Sotiyo, it’s been months since the last one unanchored in high sec. We are all pushing ourselves to the limit watching these guys and I’m really confident that we will get it if it pops while we are awake.

Man what a rush! Responded to a ping from the thieves guild and found a large defense fleet. Watched them, they were using an Occator and slow boating to it.

Man I was sitting there watching them on Bika - X03 and was toying with the idea of going for it and decided to just troll with them instead. Right as I typed “Well Well Well what do we have here” into the system wide chat room it popped so I warped to and scooped it. There wasn’t anything or anyone within 2,000m of me after the computer had confirmed the compressed structure was in my cargo hold, so I cloaked up and warped off while screaming and laughing my ass off, there shouldn’t have been any way for me to get that but guess they froze for a second, I didn’t try for the X04 or X05 that unanchored. I had woken them up and wasn’t going to get a second scoop, but man it was fun.

So far we have gotten a Athanor, 3 Astrahus and a Raitaru

One of the Astrahus’ we actually found today and I hadn’t even transferred the seed over to Dexter. No owner or anyone else on grid with it when it popped.

Gendrath has seen the owner of the Sotiyo warping in and out of the system in a Charon class Freighter. We are all still thinking this is just a guys and his solo operation. He may be under an alliance, but so far that alliance doesn’t seem to active. We have seen all 5 of the guys in the owning corporation

Getting close to the Capsuleer daily connection upload and I have a feeling the Sotiyo will pop soon. Probably right after connection reset. My big hope is that it is the Sotiyo that unanchors first and not the Azbel. I’d hate to snag the Azbel for them to cancel the Sotiyo, and I’d hate to just let them take the Azbel to ensure the Sotiyo unanchors

Renyn - Forrest Advanced Manufacturing (Nieuwoudt Logistics)

Found: 8/3 3:42pm

Unanchored: 8/10 7:33am

Structure: Sotiyo

Scooped: Zaphire & Gendrath

Man oh man what a rush. Gendrath had been watching 2 of the members all morning warp back and forth and in and out of system in a Nestor and a Vindicator, was thinking this might actually be a little rough. Once they went down and Drak’ma screamed into the voice coms “GO!!!” Gendrath had him and I warping to the Sotiyo, Gendrath landed first and decloaked waiting for me (Zaphire) to exit warp, my charon is slow as balls exiting warp but she managed, I instantly had her align out to out exit point and then scooped the structure. The moment my suspect tag went on Gendrath activated his Stasis Webbifiers on me and my Freighter entered warp not a second after. I was already leaving the grid with the prize in hand. Totally worth camping this thing for a week. Seeing as we found it the same day it started.

Renyn - Nieuwoudt Logistics R&D Facility (Nieuwoudt Logistics)

Found: 8/3 3:42pm

Unanchored: 8/10 7:34am

Structure: Azbel

Scooped: Drak’ma

Once Zaphire had entered warp I decloaked my Orca and was warping to the unanchored Azbel which popped like 30s after the Sotiyo unanchored. After landing next to the can I aligned and cycled my micro warp drive and then scooped the structure and initiated the auto docking sequence so it would be in the command que. 3s left on the MWD’s cycle and their Vindicator just exited warp on where the Sotiyo used to be. Coast is clear. Entering warp. Man what a rush and what a steal this was!!!

This was a rush to read.

I’m a returning player, so noob (again). But couldn’t the owner’s have scooped those up before they popped?

Nope, when unanchoring you have to wait for it to actually unanchor and become scoopable so you can get it into your cargo hold. Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: this is part of week 10 in my journal so far. It’ll be a role-play read but it will also teach how to do it as well. Welcome back to the universe man, glad your deep sleep cycle is over

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