A Thread of Critical Words

(Wylex Cross) #64

You are all nice.

(Charles Cambridge Schmidt) #65

Oh, eat sand.

Somebody better respond with proper critique of me or I’m going to throw a fit.

(Omega Jovakko) #66

your glasses are stupid and I hate you

(Charles Cambridge Schmidt) #67

… Dad?

(Coulter Phelps) #68

I’m jealous of your jacket, even though it is not stylish or cool in any way. Also I do more to promote your ice cream than you do. Get to work, lazy bones!

Also your face looks like one of those sappy cartoon characters from the State. Bish… something. Actually you know what? Bish. That’ll do.

(Wylex Cross) #69

You’re all one magnificent biochemical hug formed by covalent love bonds. Except for Coulter.

(Jason Galente) #71

I still hate this ■■■■■■■ forum. So I’m going to insult the forum instead.

You suck, forum. Your UI makes no damn sense.

(Deitra Vess) #72

You dont post enough!

(Omega Jovakko) #73

Your nose is too big

(Davlos) #74

What kind of name is that?!

(Jason Galente) #75

What kind of name is Davlos?

Also you jumped ship on your employer at its lowest point. I know your employer is technically a conglomerate of nominally independent mercenaries, but still.

Now someone better tear into me. Deitra’s too nice.

(Trii Seo) #76

…alright, this is weird, I shouldn’t post a second time in the thread because I already ate a disgusting truth sandwich from Charles but… simply irresistible!

Jason, you are like a processor running at a quarter its recommended power input.

Seriously. You ain’ dumb and yet you kinda sorta choose to play the dumb card rather than accept the soddin’ duties functioning brain cells drop upon you. And to add to that, you have the audacity to be sober while doing so.

“Oh I just blow things up!” ain’ never an excuse when it comes to people who have the potential to enact change. Or, if you want to just see the world scroll by and claim ignorance and inability, at the very least get high. Or drunk. Or both.

(Deitra Vess) #77

Afraid of the truth? Coward!

(Aria Jenneth) #78

Being afraid, but not being ruled by that fear-- indeed, facing it-- is normally called “bravery,” Ms. Vess. Also you’re still posting here. (Though I guess this thread’s turned into something a little more constructive and less toxic than I was afraid it would.)

If you’re going to bother criticizing people, you might consider putting some thought into it. As it is, you’re just kind of … making noise.

(Omega Jovakko) #79

I hate your face.

Off-Topic Thread
(Jehoshaphat Ambraelle) #80

Reading through this forum, I thought, “surely, I will be able to think of something creative to insult the last person”. No. Your words, your face, nay, your entire personality are so bland that I cannot even insult it. It would be like trying to make a potato feel bad about itself.

(Omega Jovakko) #81

In your attempt to please your peers you forgot a key detail that puts me above the common rabble like yourself, did you ever stop to consider that perhaps I do not care about any of these people enough to say anything more than the clearest reasons as to why I dislike them?

No, you didn’t, you are nothing more than the common waste found at the bottom of my boot. I applaud your sincere attempt at pointing out the inferiority of my responses, but condemn you for thinking that, or a single second you were above me in any way.

You’re nothing, you will never be anything more than the lowest common denominator for advertising agencies to sell their products to. Every single breath you waste is another breath you’ve stolen from another who could contribute something more than the most basic comments about potatoes.

I hope, nay…I pray that someday you understand how useless you are to me and how you will never amount to anything more than the scum that clogs up my engines.

(Kalaratiri) #82

Oh my god, nobody cares

(Vizage) #83

While I am unsure how to do this. I’m still relatively sure I’m doing it better than you.

P.s. Sorry!

(Goldfinch) #84

Only a second class booper. Not the best of boopers. Not a booping wizard. Only a booping amateur. A booping tryout.