A Thread Of Kind Words

Your contributions to the fight against the Triglavians around the cluster are laudable.
You’re a brave and determined pilot.


And you holding the Kothe system with the Deathwing whilst we wrapped up in Usi was amazing, well done!


I dare say I do find your indefatigable devotion to the protection of the State along with its citizens and allies from the quite vicious invasions we face to be a quite respectable trait of character, Commander Tereven. Not to mention your stalwart efforts to protect human life in this conflict regardless of what side of long bloodied borders they call for aid from.


I can’t believe it has been over two months since someone last posted in this thread.

Therese Isimazu, I’m going to be honest here and admit that I know nothing about you. I only know your name and your face. The words you said about Commander Tereven were great and it gives me the impression that you are a person is considerable and throughout with what you do. And that earns my respect.

I like the quality of the academic works that Dr Starsurge produces on the IGS.

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I admire the tenacity with which you attempt to propagate your faith.

I appreciate your willingness to listen to a much younger capsuleer whilst I rambled on at length on matters with a varying degree of connection.

You seem to have a good heart. That’s not a common thing among our kind, and it’s not to be taken for granted.

Make sure you protect that part of yourself. It’s not so easy to keep as you might think.

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I am grateful for you coming over to help me kick the Triglavians out of my home system. You also seem a bit sad, so I hope you have good times ahead.

I admire your dedication to your people.

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Given enough time, almost anyone will lose their fighting fire, but it’s been so so long and you still burn.


You helped me find my way out of a dark place and obtain a second chance when I thought I didn’t deserve one. I am ever thankful.


You pioneered an engagement profile still in use, allowing a single capsuleer to make a difference in the Triglavian War.


The furiosity with which you fought against the Triglavian invaders around the cluster’s center is to be lauded. You worked hard and fought for for a cause you believed in. Your efforts positively impacted the lives of many throughout the four nations.


I know little of you as a person Ms. Elkin beyond your words and activities here on the Summit.

You have strong thoughts on the safety and security of those close to you, and for what you to believe right and wrong. Your actions, beyond mere words speak volumes regarding your activities against the Triglavian invaders.

Keep up the good work, Pilot. It’s always refreshing to see you posting on the IGS.


Unfortunately I know precious little of you as a person as well, Mr. Arthie. However, I have observed your measured moderation of the IGS and respect your tempered approach; neither too heavy-handed or absent.

Thank you for all you do.


You are a really kind and understanding man, Mr. Khross. I appreciate your willingness to seek out the truth.


Your events make many people quite happy and inspire some really outstanding costumes.


You look confident and the ships you fly are great as well.

Your work against the coalition that instigated the fall of Niarja to the Triglavian Collective is appreciated.