A Thread Of Kind Words

You aren’t quite as wayward, liberal, and abolitionist as most Amarr loyalists these days.



I like how your sunglasses strikes a contrast to your hair.

Wonderfully innocent even as a very competent capsuleer of several years. It’s been fun flying with you in PIE and then SFRIM, then LUMEN.

I like your veins.

I love the way you make me feel…

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I don’t think we ever met, but I like your last name

We haven’t met, however from what I have managed to see, you do good work.

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You have a tidy beard.

While I’m not one to attend them myself, I recognize that the myriad events you host are appreciated and a boon to many, and wish you great success in your future endeavors.


Your posts on these forums are well-thought-out. Instead of posting often, you are meticulous in planning your words. It’s not necessarily my style, but I respect it.


Arsia’s perseverance in her attempts to encourage a quality posting culture on the IGS is commendable.

I enjoy your taste in food, and is always a pleasure to watch sarcasm being used in an effective way.

Your perspective is interesting, and produces entertaining reactions in those you interact with. I admire your boldness in the topics your literature pursues.

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While I can’t help but wonder about one who’d declare for an emergent threat over the peoples of his origin, I can’t help but appreciate your dedication to the free flow of information.


You’ve been an inspiration and a guide for … well, basically as long as I’ve known you, ma’am. Even if it’s hard for you to see through a fog of endless staff meetings and so on, you’ve done important work that’s lead on to more.

To the degree you’ve been gone, you’re missed, kind of badly.


Though People may not always Appreciate the topics on which it is applied, Aria has one of the Sharpest Minds of all the capsuleers that I have interacted with.


Your drive to help the newer corp members (myself including myself) at the drop of a hat is beyond admirable. The work you put in to support and supply us with the tools and knowledge to be better pilots and people is the backbone to an efficient team.

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Your debut on the IGS is a very respectable one, I have faith that this is a reflection of your true nature.


Your dedication to your friends is something we all aspire to have.

It is an honor to fly by your side day by day.

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