"A three-On-Three Hell-In-a-cell match this month at Roidsmasher, for all the gold [I got Pro-Wrestling On the brain real bad One-shot]


“Oh, it’s all an act.”

“Yeah, Like Jin says, it’s all an act for us too. People might think it’s just the performers in the ring that are putting on an act, but us on commentary are too. We’re apart of the drama going on.”

“And we take sides, I’m what’s considered a ‘Face’ and Banlo here is what we would call a ‘Heel’ in the business.”

“Good guy, bad guy respectively.”

“Right, we play characters when we are on the mic and let that factor how we provide color commentary. I’ll be the one putting the wrestler that’s a ‘Face’ in the ring over with the fans, building him up as a heroic figure-”

“-And I’ll make the dirty tactics of the heel seem clever and justify their devious ways. L-Like with Duke Varilan. A pompous Khanid noble that looks down on everyone, I pretend to be a stuck-up to him…”

“Great guy by the way. When he’s not Duke Varilan, that’s just a persona like we play.”

“Oh yeah, phenomenal. I would trust him with my kids. He’s just being mean for the drama.”

“He’s not even really Khanid. He’s Amarr actually.”

“He has Khanid relatives, close enough.”

“In this industry I guess….”

  • Jin Zhu and Banlo Crotrich

“A three-On-Three Hell-In-a-cell match this month at Roidsmasher, for all the gold!”

July 12th YC 124

Vittenyn II - Fedmart Arena in Tokras City, Ringside announcer table

“-Both of these competitors are giving it their all! Duke Varilan finally meeting his match in this young Ultra-Star! Finally making him regret the weeks of mocking! The belittlement! Finally do we see that smirk wiped off the Duke’s face now that he has to dig deep if he wants to return home with the title!”

“I still don’t get what exactly you see in this Kylo kid, Jin. All I see is a snot nosed brat that walked into this company, started acting like he deserved title shots and started pestering people like Duke Varilan. Showing this man nothing but disrespect as he begged him for a shot at the Federal Championship! And what does he do when he finally shows a bit of gratitude and gives him a shot? Continues to spit in this honorable man’s face!”

"Honorable? I can’t tell if you’re being delusional or intentionally brown nosing Banlo. It’s thanks to people like Duke Varilan that the Federal Championship is seen as a disgraceful title to wield! A pompoms religious snob like him being the Champion of the Federation? He’s despicable! It’s no wonder people only pay attention to the Cluster-wide Universal-weight championship!

“Admit Jin! You hate that he’s bringing that Khanid sense of class to the division!”

“Oh whatever!..Oh! What is this?!”

“Kylo is going for the top rope!”

“He’s going to end it all here!”

< Crowd cheering intensely >

“Oh I can’t watch Jin! Come on Duke! Get up!”

“Oh you better watch! Witness the birth if a new champion!”

< Slam! >

“Smartbomb! Smartbomb into a pin!”

< 1! >
< 2! >
< 3! >

< Crowd shrieking with excitement! >

“He did it! Kylo Voidbound did it! We have a new Federation Champion!”

“Great! Another shot nosed brat to drag that title further down!”

“I don’t know what you’re on about Banlo! This young Ultra-Star has a bright future ahead of him and the fans are ready to propel him upwards! Title in hand!”

“He’s not held it for a day yet, just wait until his first title defense! We’ll see if he’s really champion mater- Jin! Duke Varilan is getting out of the ring!”

“He’s walking towards us Banlo!”

“W-What does the Duke want with us?!”

“I’m not sure Banlo, but I don’t like that look on his face!”

" < Faintly > Give me a mic+"

“He’s asking for a mic Jin!”

< Faintly > Give it to me!”

“H-Here you go Duke!”

“Seems the former Champion has some words to give the new Champion, Banlo.”

“I got my words of my own to share!”

“Cut the music! Cut it! CUT IT!”

< Crowd Booing as music dies down >

“You think this proves something, Kylo?! You think beating me in front if these backwater planet dwelling hicks means anything?!”

< Crowd booing intensifying >

“What’s the Champ saying Banlo?”

“Looks like he’s running that mouth again! Taunting the Duke with the title belt he stole!”

“That title win was clean and legitimate Banlo! No theft here!”

“People like you Kylo - NO - People like everyone here would be SLAVES were I’m from! You all are nothing more than wild cattle that haven’t been reclaimed yet!”

< Crowd booing viciously >

“It is about time some fodder like you finally gets beaten into submission! Templars! Now!”

“W-What?! Jin look! It’s the Templars! The Tag-Team champions are coming out from under the ring!”

“They’re getting into the ring now! They got him surrounded! Kylo get out of there Champ!”

“It’s no use Jin! Temperance and Devotion have him right where they want him! They- OH! A devastating roundhouse kick by Temperance as Kylo turns around!”

“Don’t look like they’re done yet! What’s Devotion doing?! Oh god!”

“Divine Dominion! Divine Dominion submission hold on the Federation Champion!”

“How low can these templars sink?! Attacking the new Federation Champion right after such a bitter match!”

“If Kylo didn’t want this, he would’ve curbed those title dreams long ago! You gotta be prepared for this once you have that gold around your waist! You gotta-”

< Jade Coast Liberators theme playing >

“Banlo! It’s the Liberators from the Jade Coast! Anara Gesmus! Timir Jexi! Are in the building! They’re rushing to the ring! This building is electrified!”

“Over these renegades?!”

“Over the Number 1# Tag-team championship contenders Banlo!”

“Anara Gesmus going inside the ring! Temperance going for the blo- Oh! Bulldozed though!”

“Going to tackle Devotion! Yes! He broke the hold!”

< Crowd cheering intensifies >

“Where’s the other one at?!”

“Timir Jexi, staying ringside. Coming towards us!”

“Stay away! Don’t you touch me you damn-”

< Mic getting slapper out of Duke Varilan’s hand >

“Oh no! Jin! Get back!”

“Timir has it gripped in! He’s going for it!”

< Announcer table collapsing as Duke Varilan goes through it >

< Crowd popping >

“Chainbreaker! Chainbreaker slam! Through the announce table!”

“Ah! More property damage done by the hands of these barbaric renegades! Look at all this equipment they’ve broke!”

“I think they broke more than electronics Banlo! Duke Varilan looks absolutely rocked by that ruthless chainbreaker slam!”

< Faintly > Get up! Come on! Get up! I ain’t done with you!”

" < Faintly > “Get your hands off me you animal!”

“Timir Jexi picking Duke Varilan back up. Meanwhile back in the ring Anaran Gesmus is shielding the tired and beaten champion from the relentless aggression of the Templars! Keeping both Devotion and Temperance at bay while Kylo gets back to his feet!”

“Any champion worth their salt wouldn’t take this long to get to their feet or need this handicap to protect them while they do it!”

“Oh shut up Banlo! Timir Jexi, taking Duke Varilan too god knows- Oh! Ohnonono- OHHHH.”

“This brute just threw Duke Varilan into the barricade! These people are just out here to terrorize these noble folk!”

“Timir Jexi getting in the ring now, backing up Asaran Gesmus! Look Banlo! They’re just trying to make a barrier between them and Kylo! They’re here to save him from this cruel beatdown!”

“A champion should have to fight his own battles and not resort to thugs to protect him, that’s all I’m saying.”

“Did you even see Duke Varilan summon the Templars to assault Kylo?”

“He wasn’t champion then.”

“Oh brother…. Duke Varilan, back to his feet now, limping to the Templar side of the ring.”

“Not looking good Jin! These merciless thugs might’ve broke something!”

“I sure hope so… He’s getting back into the ring. Three men to each corner. Federal Champion, Kylo Voidbound and the Jade Coast Liberators.”

“Duke Varilan and the prestigious Tag-Team champions of Devotion and Temperance. The templars!”

“Staring menacingly across at each other!”

< Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! >

“This audience is ready to explode, they want to see this! These six men wi-”

< General Manager Keinko Mauro’s entrance music playing >

< Crowd booing >

“Oh no…”

“Look Jin! It’s our General Manager!”

“What is HE doing out here!”

"This show is his responsibility Jin! He cant have his employees out here running amok! He needs to come out and establish order! Listen … "

"Okay… Okay… We had our fun, but I think this has gone on long enough. I find it disgraceful that we can’t be adults and allow the rightful transfer of our titles without it devolving into a riot on a Federation-Wide broadcast! Kylo, Varilan. Templars and Liberators - ALL of you represent this company when you put yourselves in front of these camera drones. I expected a bit more professionalism out of all of you. You just think you can just ambush my Ultra-Stars after a match? Or run in to fight the ambushes yourself Instead of leaving it to security to handle?

< Crowd Booing >

“I didn’t see security anywhere when Kylo was getting beaten down and out in a submission hold…”

“These things take time Jin… There’s a process!”


“It seems I have to lay down the law… Remind all of you that no matter how many connections or prestige you have. No matter how popular you are with the fans… I am the final word. I am the authority here and I say if you people want a fight then you’re gonna get it on the terms I set. This month! At Roidsmasher! It will be Kylo Voidbound and the Jade Coast Liberators! Vs Duke Varilan In a hell-in-a cell match! Not just for the Federal championship, but also the tag-Team titles!”

< Crowd exploding >

“A three-On-Three Hell-In-a-cell match this month at Roidsmasher, for all the gold!”

“No matter how it goes down, we will see titles switch hands that night! All the gold can go to the Duke or these renegades running amok. Jin I ain’t a religious man! But I pray Varilan’s God is going to be there with him at Roidsmasher!”

“He certainly looks like he’s going to need it! Both Kylo Voidbound and Duke Varilan seem worse for wear! Are they even going to make to the pay-per-view?!”

“No idea Jin, all I know is that this is going to be a battle for the ages!”

“The Jade Coast Liberators aligning themselves with the new champion! This development will shock the landscape of this show for the rest of this season!”

“We’ll have to see if that’s true next week. We’re out of time here Jin! I’m Banlo Crotrich.”

“And I’m Jin Zhu.”

“And we thank you for spending your Morning, Afternoon or evening with us.”

“Goodbye New Eden. Till next week.”


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