Latest edition of The Pulse - Feb 2020

Have you watched it yet? I just did, twice to be sure.

I have drawn a couple of conclusions from it and I thought I would put them here and maybe we could go over them and this time we might even try less flaming/trolling/ My hopes are realistically low but let’s have a go anyway…

Ok, firstly CCP Dopamine.
Watch this video and when you do listen to his voice. Look into his eyes while he talks to you. Do you feel it? That’s right - he is a natural-born, stone cold killer and he has your IP addys. All of you people who have been raging at him in this forums - now do you see your folly? Damn… you gonna die in agony but don’t worry - contract me your stuff now and you will be lovingly remembered when your bodies are never found…

Next - CCP Convict.
Dude, while you are clearly a happy guy - seriously man, L2P! Every time you go out in the Goodship HappyAussie you get blown up and you’re making us all look bad! I mean, you got tackled and then like 3-shot! “secret location” my hairy backside - Angels are clearly being fed info from inside CCP.
Bet it’s a Goon. It’s always the Goons’ fault. Bloody Goons…

Now for you CCP Mirage.
Firstly, why do you have that much hair? Nobody in CCP has that much hair without a good excuse - what is yours? I don’t think you have one so shave your head and grow a neater goatee like the rest. Do it. Do it now!!
I will cut you some slack though cos at least you didn’t get blown up like bloody Convict…
Also, thanks for confirming to everyone that being a multi-boxer is indeed the right way to play! Finally we scumbag multiboxers are getting the recognition we deserve - take that you scrub Alpha single-accounters! HA!!

Now for a last few brief points:

  1. The Hyperstroke. Fk that ballbagery.
  2. Skins. No. Stop it! STOP! IT! Do good things, not micro-trans things.
  3. The packs. You must know by now what people generally think of them. Stop pushing them so desperately cos if people actually wanted them they would have been buying them but your constant pushing of them demonstrates how badly sales went.
    Maybe stop pushing that crap and let it quietly get swept under the carpet? Probably best imo.

Ok people - that’s me now it’s your turn. Enjoy yourselves :laughing:


It made me think of this …


Latest edition of The Pulse (April 3) was certainly a big hint as to the furure of Eve - “Clear Skies”

April release - should have been called

“End of days for Eve”.
There is now nothing left for Devs to break,.,.,.,.,.,.

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