A whole region without ice - bug or feature?

Hi. Since a few days I see absolutly no ice in the whole region of Omist. Yes, it could be that the miners are so fast and mining it before I even see it but I dont think so. Is this normal and intended? Is this another nerf?


Calm down miner.


CCP plans on bundling ice with plex to sell soon.


yes, CCP seems to think that if they take ice out of our region we will go fight for it many jumps away. or will just fly haulers to trade hubs to fuel the gankers. no other real reason for it that we can see. but not enough ice to fuel stations, i rather liked the bundle ice with plex comment. that is the most likely scenerio.

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This says 7 ice belts:

The Dotlan maps shows systems where ice CAN spawn. Actually there is not a single belt. Look at “The Agency” ingame - then you see it

Probably have been mined by some greedy miner . Last time I checked those spawn at an interval of like 4 hours or so.

Hey Space Witch!

Some miners like hats to wear while fleeting with that bot aspirant code behaviour.
Mining ICE was never boring, and like many other miners who know that they’re doing good for New Eden by mining on ICE Belts.

ICE Miners don’t break promises, only High ranking CODE pilots do, they lie and cheat and never deliver on the lower code members requests.



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Don’t think Dotlan is completely accurate following CCP’s rebalancing of resources that has been occurring.

My loyalty to Code costs just as much as your empty pod is worth.

Now about this topic title, a whole region without ICE, I see it as a whole region without CODE. Bug or Feature?

Let me see if I understand, you are salty about 10’000 isk?


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Quite frankly, I have no idea what you’re talking about, miner.

That’s probably cause you are no Ice Miner, even though somewhere in your history that you had once tried mining Ice.

Oh my god, the 10,000 ISK hat.

I’m dead. :joy:

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You have a lot of ore for an ice miner.


Yes, that does seem about right the true value of Code.'s high ranking words.

Hmm Ice had been rather rare to find in the regions I frequent and we can’t have afk mining barges now.

I’m not even in CODE., what are you talking about miner?

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Your evil witch tongue has cursed me enough.

You liked it.

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No, I am scared of you! that is why I ran away.