A "You're Welcome" to the PHW guys who killed me near Onsooh earlier today

Usually, I would be salty about this, but today is different. It was my pleasure to provide you with a little content in game today. And don’t get me wrong, it was content for me as well. I remember the good ole days when i would get ganked at least twice a week (sometime more.) I’m just sorry that I had to provide you with content, when CCP should be doing that for all of us. Hrm, maybe I should charge $20 a month for people to blow me to bits?

Uthgood Furfoot

In a pvp game, players are content for other players

If you want ccp to provide content, it turns into pve


Your pilot shared your lowsec mission ship loss but didn’t inform us all that your pilot is also a meanie anti ganker pilot?

Who are the “PHW guys”?

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