[AAR] Angymonne Conquered by the Triglavian Collective!

The Triglavian Collective and allied capsuleers (Kybernauts) engaged in a fierce 50 hour engagement over the Angymonne star system in Everyshore. https://zkillboard.com/system/30003046/

The “Stellar Reconaissance” phase began Saturday around 22:00 EVETime shortly following on the heels of a fireworks display in the Raravoss system celebrating the destruction of over 1 trillion ISK in ships and assets by Triglavian occupying forces. https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/hxt1tn/celebrating_over_1_trillion_isk_destroyed_by_our/

The Triglavian Collective gained an early lead, pushing the system to 84% influence before EDENCOM forces slowly brought the influence back to near 50%. Another strong push by the Kybernauts had the system enter “First Liminality” shorty after downtime on Monday. Triglavian forces shortly thereafter engaged the ice miners in the system destroying several orcas and other mining vessels as the effective security status of the system dropped to low-sec.

The system proceeded to “Second Liminality” with little oppostition before a large EDENCOM fleet entered the system to attempt the “World Ark Assault Vector,” a new PvE encounter against a Triglavian World Ark and defending forces. EDENCOM’s first ever attempt was met with failure as they were initially repulsed by the Kybernauts. https://br.evetools.org/br/5f1f34b6c050aa001a3d4f12

A statement from the Kybernauts regarding the incident - Kybernaut Message regarding World Ark battle in Angymonne

EDENCOM forces mustered for a second attempt on the World Ark but were once again met with failure as Angymonne entered “Final Liminality,” before they could complete the site, and the system was secured by the Triglavians.


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Your welcome for your liberation.

You are or you’re.

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Actually your thread should have started with:

CCP with the Triglavian Collective and allied capsuleers (Kybernauts) engaged in a …


Angymonne is now a ghost town.
Dark and empty.
Awesome achievement.


This post is about the same as the local chat in these invasion systems.

Without watching the bar, you can tell who is leading, just by watching the local chat :smile: :wink:

Yaaay what a success.

Enjoy your empty system.


I was away for a week and my sweet highsec home is now nullsec?
That’s unfortunate. :unamused:


You may want to clone out of there, as trigs kill on sight and pod everyone who doesnt have positive standings with them.

Then coming back for stuff will be a pain, but possible. You may also want to get positive standing with trigs for that.

There is also option to start everything from beginning somewhere else. In EDENCOM fortress system, to not be in the same situation again.

I have a warpout bookmark for the station. I am more concerned about players.
Do trigs use warp scramblers?

Btw. I will not start somewhere else from scratch. If CCP takes my precious 3 ice belt highsec system away from me, this will probably be the end for me in eve.

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Yes, but the trig gun will pod you on undock I think. Just install new clone, then jump into it, and set home station remotely to your starting system or your corporation office station somewhere else. When you undock in empty clone you will be podded and wake up in medical clone somewhere else.

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Worse, it is now Trigsec
None of the nullsec bonuses or perks

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If you want Trig neutral status, just take a throwaway ship with a target painter to one of the Edencom Minor Victory systems. Fly to one of the Edencom sites, and target paint the Edencom NPC until you are aggressed and destroyed. Dock up your pod and wait 15-20 minutes until the standings tick. To confirm just warp to one of the EC or Minor sites and look at the trig ships and confirm they are now white (instead of red).

Repeat if necessary.


But if i have to do this with all 8 alts, it’s gonne be a pain in the ass.

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Yep. Thank CCP…

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Why target painters? Do normal weapons or drones not do the job?

Yeah they do too, just that TP has good range so easier to aggress.
You’ll be 70-80km away to start.
ECM, TD or damps work too

You need to destroy one edencom ship. Just getting destroyed by them is not enough.

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Reports vary on this - many players have gotten standings without killing any ships, only performing aggressive actions toward them.

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