EDI Report of the World Ark Battle in Angymonne

At approximately 1800 NEST, EDENCOM Supporters initiated a strike against Triglavian forces in the system of Angymonne under the supervision of commanders Naava Edios, Debes Sparre and Arsia Elkin.

At 1815 we saw first contact with the Triglavian fleet. This resulted in some light skirmishes before we moved forward to assault the World Ark. Triglavian supporters returned at approximately 1950, engaging our fleet in the World Ark site. The battle resulted in losses for both sides and our fleet being pushed out of the Ark site. There was one final engagement against the Triglavian supporters at 20:57 where the Triglavian supporters were chased off. Afterwards, we once again engaged the World Ark, but the system progressed to Final Liminality during the resumed battle and we pulled out. Later on, despite our earlier losses we reformed and returned to finish off what we had started. We pushed the world ark back into the Abyss. Though the system was already lost and had fallen to final liminality we were able to secure ourselves an important victory in pushing the ARK out of system.

PNS will continue to support all efforts against Invading Triglavian forces and requests everyone consider doing the same.

“Once more unto the breach” Cmdr, Naava Edios.


Here are a couple images of the second engagement with the World Ark. I remembered to have my camera drones snap a couple stills during the fight.


PNS’ support was key in this victory. Thanks to all who participated.


I’m not sure losing the system is a victory

Not for EDENCOM, no. I, however, am happy with what we’ve done with the place.

Have you actually talked to a Triglavian? Well, I mean, when they, like, listen and talk back?

Implying you possess an iota of understanding of what’s being “done with the place.”

I mean it’s kinda obvious red skies eating some suns, getting free ore etc

The Collective’s work with the star is their own. I’m moreso pleased with the fact that The Collective will have their rightful place in New Eden. Final Liminality comes with multiple perks, such as abundant resources for Kybernaut useage, and the absence of CONCORD’s stranglehold on the system, for some examples.

I, for one, have talked with a couple at a dive bar a few weeks back. Well, “talk” wasn’t really the right word, but what I got from their illustrations was that they moved here because their old home was just too darn dark. Well we finished up our drinks, I wished them luck with the whole star-eating thing, and parted ways friends.

Actualy the site was still active and the ark was still there