World Ark in Otela Defeated by Electus Matari and Phoenix Naval Systems

The World Ark in Otela has been forced to flee by the forces of Electus Matari and Phoenix Naval Systems. This is the second World Ark to be forced off and the first to be forced off before final liminality.

As the system falls further into second liminality, it seems that the defeat suffered in the Ark Assault Vector hasn’t massively disrupted the Triglavian assault on the system. I can only hope that the defeat of this Ark helps evacuation efforts in the system as was the case in Angymonne.

Many of us hoped that the defeat of an Ark would heavily impede the Triglavian invasion, but despite what appears to be a minor setback for them, they’re still harvesting the star in Otela.

The best strategy for overcoming liminality is still to win the Stellar Reconnaissance phase of the invasions and avoid it altogether and EDI has begun to struggle with some priority systems recently.
The fight goes on against the invaders, but we’ve still yet to pull a system out of liminality once the Triglavians have begun harvesting the star.

The road ahead is going to be a rocky one. The Triglavians are capturing more systems and resources as time goes on and show no signs of slowing down. Despite the hardships, I hope everyone trying to stand against the Triglavians will continue to do what they can in the efforts. Even in loss, we must do what we can. Today, we defeated an Ark. Hopefully some people are saved by our efforts. We did what we could.


We must assume that while this world ark did not appear to set them back that they do not have unlimited manpower. If we continue to punish these invaders with such asymmetric losses they will eventually run out of ships to throw at us.


You know, all things considered, I think that ‘we did what we could’, full stop, isn’t the best note to end this statement on. It’s true, yeah. We did what we could. And it’s a damn shame that it looks like it wasn’t enough, wasn’t nearly as much as we had hoped (how many ships can they throw at us before they decide to give it up?), but we won that battle. We did something that nobody had done before, and ‘We did what we could’ makes it sound like everything crashed and burned and we just barely managed to help anyone at all.
You can’t afford to focus on what could’ve been. Sometimes you just have to settle for what was.
And if you ask me? What was was pretty damn great.


We did very well to defeat the Ark. Everyone worked hard and executed their roles skillfully. It was probably even a morale loss for the Triglavians.

The point wasn’t so much to cast gloom over what we did. Doing what you can is anyone can do. Everyone needs to do what they can and we did.

Many people are remaining apathetic to these invasions until they affect them. Some even continue to ignore the invasions when they come to their home systems. Multiple pilots lost Orcas when Angymonne went liminal because they weren’t even paying attention.

Doing what you can is great.

All that being said, I still think it’s important to think about what could have been and analyze what was in order to attain what could have been next time.


I think solution is simple really, more people supporting Caldari State while it is being fought in EDENCOM forward posts. Ospreys are a very capable machine in hands of skilled pilot, but even less skilled pilots can make a change. Osprey can be even supported in efforts by armor repairing Amarrian allies of the State.

Another thing is showing people what cost is of not doing so, not helping the State. How cruel and merciless Trigs really are, and how supporting or ignoring them will not help in long run.


“cruel and merciless trigs” The trigs aren’t the people here that genocide billions like the Amarr, ostracizing people just for stupid tattoos like the Matari, or having a corrupt government like the Gallente that make empires like ****** seem like beacons of liberty. Honestly now that I think about it the Caldari are the only decent gov in game, shame they are the ones losing all their systems.

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In fact they are, as people from Raravoss could tell you if they were still alive.


First Raravoss was a small industrial settlement, not a system with even a billion people, secondly we have no idea where the people of Raravoss even are. They might be dead or they might be captured by trigs.

“Their star is being desroyed and their planet was bombed but as we have not seen the bodies they might still be alive so actually they are better than the threats we know.”

Yea… no.


Dont shoot people and expect not to get shot back :smiley:

Don’t invade people and expect not to get shot.


Ms. Rhiannon, I would like to note, that Qilfim Ur-Sarum had an opportunity to evacuate as much people as possible. But he choosed to pull himself out in the first place. This is just a pay for his selfishness.
Look at Vale. They all accepted inevitable and so they escaped from destruction.

Triglavians can’t handle the PNS. It is known.

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