Abaddon laying waste on lvl 4

What has changed, seems like a beastie I’m extremely happy with the results and I’m only using t-1 beams and am working towards t-2 but even now those baddies melt :crazy_face:

My first L4 ship from further back than I care to recall. I thought I was the shiz flying that thing. I’m sure there are more efficient options but damn, don’t they look good? Oh and the sound of those lasers…

It got a better DPS recently.

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I remember flying a Yabadabadon when they first came out in a big BS pvp fleet heading out. The thing was huge against the other bs. Very impressive. Now i tend to fly Paladin but will always love the yabby.

Last time flying it, it was doing about 600 t1 pulse dps with just a heatsink, a damage rig and standard crystals, amazing ship.

Do you have a related link? I didn’t find anything about that.

Thanks in advance.

here it is ( had to search for 5 min)


  • Bonus to Large Energy Turret damage increased to 7.5% per level (was 5%)

=> from 125% to 137.5% of DPS, thus +10% of DPS with max skills.

Ah yes, the Our Favourite RPers just got beaten up we must boost Amarr ships patch.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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