Abbysal Site Tanking

When I read the description of one of the low level abysal sites it says…

disrupted by massive electrical storms that will reduce EM resistance but enhance ship capacitor recharging.

I get that this will reduce my EM resists, but do the rats expolit that by firing more em damage weapons and do I just add more EM resists so that my tank compensates for the reduction?

The rats can only exploit it by accident. They still use the damage types they always do. As far as I know the only NPCs that do EM damage (apart from difters/sleepers) are drones called “Spark something” (See: )
But it is a good idea to add some EM-Resistance when you go into an Electriacal Storm. It’s also worth to keep in mind that the NPCs in there will be effected by this too. So if you shoot EM at them, it might have a greater effect than throwing other damage types.


Yes and no. Abyss sites have a lot of different spawns, including variations in spawn groups. Some of them do Omni or EM damage, those will obviously hurt you more, while others will not. However, you can exploit it very well. I found the Phantasm to be a perfect Electrical storm ship for up to F3s. A fairly blinged one can do F4s as well, but not so good at F5s.


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