Ability to block chosen players from your contracts

I think it would be a great feature to be able to block certain players from accepting your open contracts. I know thru personal experience(and conversations with others) in the freight/courier side of things there are certain players that will snap up contracts immediately with no intention of fulfilling them in a timely manner.
People often use private haulage and will pay a premium in the expectation that the contract will be dealt with in a timely manner. Like in the real world a person would not allow their contract to be accepted by someone with no work ethic or that has proven they lack skills, etc. Maybe I don’t want to have my contract accepted by a person who has lost 50% of all the freight they have ever carried. I know others feel this way and it should be an easy code.

  1. Arguing by real life comparisons is usually not a good idea. Many reasons why we play games has something to do with escaping real life. Playing games that are something else than real life.

  2. Lack of skill? You have collateral for that. If the contractor is incompetent and gets your package blown up or he keeps it, you get more money than you are risking by letting him handle it back (if you are not stupid and set your collateral properly).

  3. You can already issue a private contract to a specific person or corporation, if you only want to use someone you trust.


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While it is a nice idea per se, is there no way of actually blocking a player from accepting a contract, because he could use just an alt to do so.

A person, as you write, is a player and not a character.

As blocking a player using an anonymous alt is impossible …
… implementing this would be a waste of time.

Literally everyone could easily circumvent it.


Public means public. That means anyone should be able to grab it. If you need reliable delivery either start making a list of haulers and privately contract to them, or use a courier corp with a good record for on-time delivery (and make sure to leave feedback in their thread on this forum when they fail you…don’t just give sunny reviews about when the cargo arrives quickly).

One other alternative would be to lower the shortest delivery time from 24 hours to either 12 hours or 6 hours. I don’t think you could really lower anymore, because haulers use this window of time to safely deliver cargo. As an example, if contract could be written to require delivery within 2 hours, then a gank fleet could easily camp along the route for that short amount of time and be assured the hauler will have to face them. With this in mind, 6 hours might be too short.

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