Ability to 'lock' skills in skill queue

I have on several occasions extracted skills that soon afterwards I realize I need for something I frequently do, like fly a certain ship, use a certain mod, etc.

I would like the option to lock / unlock skills so that this doesn’t happen when I’m extracting skills.

I think this is less an issue of skill locking/unlocking and more of an issue of skill planning, for which tools like EVEMon exist. Locking/unlocking skills would be an obscure feature no one would use and would only address the symptoms of the real issue, which is better planning in advance.


Do we have locks on items before we put them on the market in error or at the wrong price?

Do we have locks on implants so that we don’t accidentally undock with a full head of +5s and get podded?

Et cetera.

At best, you get warning messages before doing certain things, and you already get a warning message when extracting skills.

EvE is a game of consequences. Play accordingly.


sounds like a case of “were bad so should feel bad”


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