About an industrial hub

If there were a new industrial and trade hub, where would you want it to be?

For a little bit of background, My dream when I started playing was to colonize a system. Originally I was thinking a wormhole (because nullsec is full) but that’s too much isolation. I’ve started getting into more industry and now I want to mix those goals.

My vision (I have a clear one) is to have an independent industrial hub. In an ideal world this would be some system where industrialists could gather. Open research, invention, and manufacturing facilities would be available. Miners would be able do their thing in peace. Obviously it’s Eve and people will inevitably try to ruin it, but it would be cool to have a neutral system where it’s understood that people are there to work not to fight.

To start, I plan on setting up:


  • Market hub
  • Clone bay


  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Research Lab
  • Invention Lab
  • Capital Shipyard
  • Research efficiency rigs


  • Reprocessing Facility
  • Composite Reactor
  • Moon Drill? (Depending on location)

I’m undecided if the Fortizar is necessary though. Open to suggestions on all this configuration. If it works out and people start using them we can always reconfigure based on what people need.

Longer term I’d prefer to upgrade to a Tatara to offer more reactors, and a Sotiyo for the bonuses. Or perhaps split facilities to optimize rigs. If it were nullsec I’d want to add a cyno beacon for easy access but that’s a pipe dream.

The biggest question I’m faced with is where to set up shop. Lowsec seems obvious for the rig bonuses, plus I have no interest in trying to claim sovereignty from an existing alliance. Border systems like Uemon stand out for linking multiple other regions. But is that really necessary? Proximity to nullsec is likely useless since all those alliances would already have in-house facilities.

So, the criteria I’m trying to weigh for a system are:

  • ease of access (direct or close access to multiple regions)
  • not too far from existing trade hubs
  • not too close either
  • low combat
  • high traffic
  • lowsec
  • hopefully an ice belt

Again, the idea is to remain neutral ground. People would be free to add their own facilities if they really want to, but the hope is to provide enough that they don’t need to.

So, enough rambling and back to my original question. Where would you want a new trade/industrial hub?

And yes:

  • I know I’ll just get nuked to hell immediately
  • I’m naive and a dreamer
  • etc etc

All that said: if this is appealing to people I’m open to partners, feedback, or just contributions.


Have you looked into space in Providence? I’m fairly sure that corps/alliances out there are still NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot), which sounds like the sort of thing you’re looking for.


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No red dots! Seriously… :wink:


The Eve economy is basically a hub and spoke system centered on Jita. Smaller hubs are essentially convenience stores serving their local market. CCP’s announced plans for resource redistribution will only amplify this - the rational choice will be to send the stuff you have to Jita for sale and load up the jump freighter with stuff you need for the return trip. We can debate whether this is the way the market should work but it evolved because it is the most efficient and effective way for it to work. Unless CCP is planning a significant nerf to jump freighters they haven’t told us about, it’s the way the market will continue to work.

As an industrialist, you want to be close to your customers and your suppliers. In other words - you want to be close to Jita! There is a trade-off between cost and convenience that individuals will need to decide for themselves. There is a reason why existing player owned hubs (ICU, Mogul, etc…) are adjacent to the traditional NPC hubs.

When considering the location for a hub, you need to determine who will be the customers, who will be the suppliers and why would they choose to do business with you - what is your value proposition?


This is exactly my struggle. Being close enough to Jita that if people need things we don’t have locally they can go get them, or so people can ship their goods off for sale. But also far enough that there’s a reason to stop there, instead of just going the extra jumps to get to Jita itself.

Again, somewhere in lowsec seems like the right balance in terms of structure bonuses for production while not being too far.

That’s a big part of why I made this post. I’m trying to get a sense of how other players are distributed, as well as what services might make them migrate/move.

In general my value prop is to offer as many facilities as possible in a tight location, to start. For example, my current Raitaru in Maurasi has gained some minor popularity due to low tax and a full service compliment. But that’s not enough to bring people from afar. The eventual dream is to become a community gathering place for industrialists to set up shop, talk, and trade. In order for it to take off, location will be key - build it and they will come only works if it’s not too far out of people’s way.

Industrial hubs are thematically cool, and there are real-life analogues, but they don’t work so well in present-day EVE because the system cost index will rise to the point where your hub is well-equipped but otherwise unattractive. There’s a rigged Sotiyo one jump from Jita, but people still go farther out because paying 10% of your estimated product value in fees is bad for business.

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Industrial hub makes no sense, on the opposite you want to spread your jobs or move your bpos regularly.

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Great points about the system index, I hadn’t considered making enough influence for it to really change. Perhaps it’s more prudent to focus on market than production and mining.

In general the question still stands though: what part of the galaxy could use an infrastructure bump? Where might be a good stopping point on your way to or from Jita?

In 30 days your “industrial hub” reaches the same level of taxes that is around jita. (5%) It just depends on the number of jobs running.

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In 30 days your “industrial hub” reaches the same level of taxes that is around jita. (5%) It just depends on the number of jobs running.

Taxes are usually not an issue at all, SCI is. 100% tax and an SCI of 5 are the same as 0% taxes and an SCI of 10.

Coming back to the industrial hub, the main issue there is the availability of raw materials. Facilities are nice and all, but if you want to create a successful industrial hub, you will need a local market with the relevant raw materials. Minerals are definitely required, plus data cores, moon goo, etc. if you want to support T2 production.

You can certainly make a nice profit with the market, probably more than with the facility taxes. On the other hand, it will be quite a lot of work to make sure that the prices are up-to-date and all the relevant materials are available.


You literally don’t care about the player tax. You care about the system tax

Well that’s the job of an industrialist. Ensure the logistic chain.

Honestly, IMHO that’s the job of the indu hub operator. It’s always nice if people create their own sell orders for building materials, but the operator has to make sure that everything is available. That’s quite a lot of work to do, but essential for a working hub.

This makes no sense.

The job of the industrialist is to know what he wants, what he has, what he is getting, the price of which, in order to deduce the price of what he sells.

You want to split it in several jobs for no reason : industrialist must do that, and only industrialists need to do that.


Maybe we misunderstood each other here. For me, the indu hub operator is the person and/or corp that operates the industrial hub. This includes providing and fueling the industrial structures plus stocking the market with all the materials necessary to build stuff.

The industrialist is for me the person/corp that uses the indu hub to build stuff. For sure, he can fetch all the raw materials he will need by himself from Jita, but it’s much more economical to buy everything from the local market stocked by the hub operator, especially if Jita is not just around the corner like in NullSec.

No. the industrialist, I defined above what he is.
He does not need a hub or whatever.

You are making up terms that have no reality in the first place.

Totally irrelevant. A good industrialist will have access to several provision mean and will pick the best one according to his needs.

That “hub operator” does not exist in the first place.

Emphasis added, is where the distinction is. A good industrialist is always optimizing, sourcing the cheapest materials, rotating structures, etc. This is more aimed at the beginner/average industry player who just wants easy access to facilities without having to go all the way to Jita.

WTF was your point again?

This discussion is about how to set up an industrial hub.
Would you please stay on topic or shut up?


The discussion was stupid to start with : there is no such a thing as an industrial hub.
I even explain why your vision is not realistic.

Would you please go ■■■■ yourself ?

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Really, there are no industrial hubs? Maybe not five jumps from JIta where your small world ends, but Eve is fortunately bigger than that.
NullSec and even LowSec has lots of opportunities for Indu Hubs, it just need someone with more clue and perseverance than you.

Yeah sure whatever dude. You don’t understand the basic mechanism of the game.

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