About an industrial hub


High Sec Markets and Nullsec Markets have different variables you need to consider.

High security space markets essentially emerged from a “positive feedback loop” centralizing almost all market activity into a handful a specific NPC stations. Perimeter initially established itself largely because station traders could target JIta with “1 jump” buy orders while also benefiting from lower taxes. You actually have weaker versions of Perimter near the other NPC high sec major markets as well.

While you could incentivse the production of products in other high-sec locations, it is unlikely you are going to be able to shift the “sell order” markets significantly (at least with the current state of game mechanics).

Null Security Space markets are significantly more volatile. You have more options there but it gets balanced against the fact that your market “hub” can actually be destroyed. Centralizing and protecting those economic assets forms much of the content and community for null-sec groups.

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