About moving salvage point

hey guys i have some question about salvage point

we are a nu-sec corp and you know members often ratting the anomalies and save the corp location for newbies to salvage the wreck as a beginner incomes there, and we uesd to set a tittle so they can move the corp locations to another folder instead of deleting it to tell other people it had been salvaged and there is empty.
but after a update of client we found the role is no longer to move it or has huge authority as a communication officer. it will be improper for every one has the rights to change motd etc. so i wanna ask if you guys have good way to solve it or not. just like old time. Did you meet the same problem and has a way to deal?

:grinning::grinning::grinning: it will be great thankful as you can help us


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Don’t try to write to Corp locations if you are not ready to give the role to everybody.

An easy workaround is too save the location to your personal locations folder, copy it and either directly trade it to the interested salvager, put it into a corp hangar everybody has access to or jetcan it in a password protected container.

Hope one of these solutions can be made to work for you.

Edited to add: Corp contracts are another possibility. Escalations are sold this way for example.


Why do you need more than one salvager in any given site?

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Yeah. Put it into corp contracts with the shortest possible expiration and only one person can get it. You won’t mess up your corp bookmarks and you won’t mess up your corp contracts this way…

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