About the 1024 * 768 fixed resolution

Hi, i have many monitors in my house, and have to bought two 2560 pixels of resolution. As we know, many monitors are 1920 px resolution, but we cant shrink the eve screen to tide in two same size windows, the reduced is always 1024*768. I know technical reasons of the 7/8 sizes and bits, but maybe in the new 64bit can be lowered to 960px minimal size instead of 1024, that can give us chance to put two pilots in one monitor of the normal variants in stores.

I am happy with my current setup of four monitors, but in less powerful computers can be a huge boost / incentive of more accounts connected. Myself normall use only one or two accounts active f no access to my 2560 monitors, and instead maximize and use only one in each monitor.

Use “Windowed” instead of your “Fixed” and you can have it at any size you want, you could make it 640x480 if you so desired.


I turned my 32" tv to portrait and stacked two windows on one screen. Works pretty well.

@ISD_Sakimura I always Use windowed. do u check that ? my lowest in this monitor (square one , not the goods ones ) are 1024*952

@nico_boru i use two 25 inches in my home, with two in normal mode… the problem is when i am not in my home , if i am in other of my offices only 1920 resolution

Im not too hip to measuring with pixels so I really dont know what size monitors you have. But with most monitors being wider than tall turning them to portrait mode will help some people. It did me greatly.

Agree. The problem i see is thge landscape monitors NOT ALLOW two windowed screens of Eve. I know some reasons in parity (same reasons as 1366px screens instead 1536px) but this tiny change can simplify many options to game if the graohic motor allow it, and i know the 44piels limitation of the bars for the Mac.

More subscriptions and QoL in less pixels mnonitors, but i tryed too the portrait orientation. Currently in 4 accounts of my ten, because the plex prices.

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