About the changes to ore and moon mining and mineral (re)distribution

Try turning on a prop mod.

Not surprised you don’t know how to do it though considering you also said an Orca does a third of a Skiff. Maybe you should get decent skills for the Orca and Drones as an Orca is much faster.

Bc tough-guy. HS tough-guy. “Stay out of my belt or you will be PUNISHED!!!”

Omfg you are adorable.

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Oh well, it’s the only way we have to combat the AFK and bot miner hordes. You’ll live…

must have been a while then, my orcas do 341m/s…

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Personally, I’m loving the change. There are twice as many people in local today, all of them trying to scramble for what little Pyrox there is in the belts, and absolutely no one but me is in the ice anom. Oh well, more for me…

The worst thing is that they leave the real reason for the mineral market issues untouched. Typical CCP: Treat symptoms instead of causes.

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If they delete basic ores from moones but boost moon ore for minerals i stiil dont see any - just + . No more need to buy 100500 types of ore cristalls. Take moon ore type and mine all minerals from one type or rock. Seems to be good idea. If it will be in this way. And if i understood this devblog correct.

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Well CCP has done it again broken the Industry in the game, All the Nocxium in Eve trade hubs has gone from 300ish isk a unit to 1000 isk a unit.

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The prices will settle back down in a couple weeks or less. Any time anything becomes scarce, there is an immediate jump in price that levels out over time.

i can see pos fuel sky rocket in price :frowning:

AFK mining fleets get ripped apart by roaming Triglavian rats these days. If you leave your stuff AFK it will be killed in minutes by the trigs. Trigs showing up once every 30 minutes or so. It’s random and this is in hi sec.


Yeah… no. I had 2 Orcas out running remote shield reppers on each other with 3 miner 2s and 2 Infiltrator 2s each then went out to dinner. Came back a couple of hours later and had holds full of ore and a heap of wrecks to MTU then salvage.

Bc HS is fkn easy af.

Food was good though iirc. Nice night.


It’s not just about afk miners and bots. It will also create a more competitive mining environment, because the miners who can shoot down other miners will get the ore. If it wasn’t CCP doing this, I’d be having my hopes high that this is going to be great!

Thats 2 subs they have just lost from me. I am sick of nerfs


you’re not going to need to compress ore by the time ccp is finished with this

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Your st00fz. Can I haz? Pl0x. Ty.

Well, CCP finally moved their asses to fix the game. It might be worth to come back in few months if economy will recover for at lest small bit.

Krabs salt best salt…


I said I was not going to pay for a subbscription, I will still be playing with haz stuffs


Not if you’re a wormholer and now have nearly nothing to mine for local indy…

  • Wormholer BTW
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Exactly. Less farmer trash, more profit for the people who understand that EVE is a ruthless exercise in competitive capitalism. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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