About the isk bots

I think it would be important to do something about those bots.

Something like a 1 hour trial period for new accounts.

Under that period of time, no chat would be allowed.

You can report them if you think they are bots.

A bit harsh if new players aren’t allowed to ask for help in chat?

You can’t access Rookie Help Chat during the tutorial anyway, and it will take a brand new EVE player at least that long to complete it. These ISK seller bots are skipping the tutorial and hopping right into Rookie Chat and local to promote their website.

As a side note, if you are a brand new EVE player and you choose to skip the tutorial, you shouldn’t have access to Rookie Help anyway…

So do a lot of new players, despite the current npe being more focused on selling the game than teaching it. It does at least explain the absolute basics. Including things that are very often asked by new players that skipped the tutorial.

It also doesn’t take an hour, people I’ve invited to join normally finish it around the 20-25 minute range. Unless you’re counting career agents.

An hour? The same dude’s who delete and re-create characters literally every day to spam jita local? An hour wouldn’t even be close to enough.

What about if the band link posts . Or create an algorithm that counts how many characters you typing and how often in the chat so the system can tell if you asking a question you got a reply from somebody and you reply back , but if you are someone that overwhelms the system with Spam it could identify you and block you from sending texts,

There is already a spam filter and it’s non- optional and annoying.

Reportedly posing the same thing in short succession will lock you out.

Also blocking links would be pretty destructive considering they are used far more often legitimately.

The solution to this problem is pretty easy, block known offenders and more importantly just ignore jita local like a responsible adult

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Banning by IP would be a GREAT feature.

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