About the new 1501045 update

I ran the launcher today, did not install or change anything and got the new launcher, it had a 100MB download plus something else, which is not big.

I do notice a big difference than prior I did not experience. My GPU is running hotter and also my cpu, easily by as much as 10C, its still on the safe side, but this is while just running 2 clients.

I had noticed some weird problem while being in station (and happens more in NPC stations than in Citadels and such, something in the inside view makes the CPU and GPU run hotter, but after this update its running even hotter.

I use Ubuntu Mate, and I like it because since I use Window Mode, the client uses all the desktop space but the top menu bar, which is where I have my system monitor indicators, my APU/GPU temp readings and Fan RPM and other monitoring tools, and I dont have to be switching to desktop to see other details, so, I can easily notice the temp changes because the indicator is always shown.

With Citadels, its less problematic being docked because I can use the external view, and the inside view then its not a problem, but in NPC statins we dont have that option, so it tends to run a tad hotter in those cases, but since the update is definitely running even hotter.

I will update later what happens when I run 4 clients, but I usually see the APU at 90% on all 4 cores but the temp usually never reaches 50C, so Im surprised that running just 2 Im hitting 51/52C. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this too.

PS: This is Ubuntu Mate 16.04.6, on the Amd A8-5600K (yes old) APU but its working only as CPU, and then a RX460 as GPU. System runs on a 120GB SSD with 8GB RAM.

I went to do a simple combat site in hisec and I was greeted with 15fps :frowning: so I closed the other client to do tests, FPS in space went up to 35, and when I dock, it hovers between 60 and 75fps. I pulled up the FPS counter and noticed that it finally sees my GPU correctly (hurray?), before it always had a weird name, now shows correctly the RX460, and something SM_3_0_HI (which I have no idea what it means, but was shown before). I’m going to do a restart, just in case, I had seen these FPS drops before and I dont know why a restart helped.

I read that the new RAM requirement will be 4GB per client, does that means that I will need 16GB to run 4 clients? I wonder if it will be worth it :frowning:

Means “Shader Mode 3” or what directX 9 does unless you un-ticked the “run in dx9 mode” button, then it should read something like …dx11, which needs a ton resources.

If you wanna run a little smoother, I suggest you install “Steam” and start Steam with either your existing account or you create one.
Then you let Steam update itself and search for EVE Online.

Start EVE Online from your Steam account and enter your account information in the EVE launcher.
Do not be alarmed by the launcher, as it will create a “Steam User 012345…” or similar account.
Just launch your regular account(s) like always.

Enjoy EVE Online in dx11 (Shader Mode 5) and 100 frames per second more then you had before because you just learned what Vulkan™ is capable of.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I don’t understand why the change is affecting me this much, but is becoming clear that this patch has hindered my machine’s capabilities somehow. I was able to run 4 clients and had the CPU run at 40C stable, but now I can only run 1 client, 2 it makes the temps go high and starts behaving as if it was under a heavy load, and adding a 3rd makes it unplayable. Whereas before the patch, 3 were playable and a 4th was a mild slowness, but still doable, not anymore.

I know we are not supported, but I seen my windows friends also suffer from other ugly behaviours, so I guess the change was for the worse also for others (I guess those with state of the art machines didnt even flinch, but the others more limited are suffering).

I highly doubt moving to Steam will make it as it was, but I will find a way to at least try it, because as this is… its a nightmare.

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