Absydial for all advanced cruisers

i note that most of the stats are useless when it comes to absyss so everyone picks gila. even when stats useless it appears that for example the webs makes it impossible for turret tracking while the ships with rockets just do no damage (who dafk needs 200% velocy on a freakin orthos when using rapid light missiles) anyway when u cant track it or do damage its just impossible to fly other fractional cruiser into the absyss. its not just these. i would be happy to equip a cap battery against e-leach some good calculated resistance and some webs or in case of the orthoes a range fit with 70km+ range fire but the scenarias kills thoes fits btw orthos dmg is just 75% less then a freakin gila but it has 200% missile velocy as i sayd its stupid . i can trash thoes ships as i cant fly any ships then a fkin gila to do the absyss what is…so fkin wag at least the fraktionals should be able to reach t4.

so im not 100% sure what your rant is actually asking for but i think you want to change ship bonuses mostly the orthros so that they are better for abyss running?

there is always going to be an optimal fit for running PvE content thats not a reason to go changing ship lines.

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