Anchoring Damavik & Tangling Damavik (4 Armor repair / 4 stasis webs)

Ok. So thoes type of groub is just insane overpowered. This type of aperience when u have a chance to see them is that the groub of npcs (faced in absydial) can repair there ships with 3-4 armor repairs while having a velocy of +4000km/h (unkitable) and reduce the speed by 100% (4 stasis webs).

Its impossible to fight that and its not in the scale to other ship constelations. i would need 2 stasis webifier or a drone ship to encounter it what then would be a sign to choose a gila.

Similar is also to see at the sansha nation groubs with also a 4k velocy.

At least make them kitable.

Whats the sense when thoes groubs arent kitable, reduce the speed of the ship by 100% and repair them selfe litaly 100dps while having a orbit velocy of 1,4k (untrackable with turrets).

u need at least to kite, enmove or web them and the last point would outscale the shipfit for other rooms.

pls reduce the velocy to 1200 as the rouge drones so people can fight them without using droneships or stasis webs. ty

dont see that as ,imbalanced post" its just as i sayd a trick one. i found a fit to encounter that i just determine that is basicaly stupid. 8 ships with 4 webs and 4 armor repairs and 4 k velocy is just to much. when u remove one therm it would solve the case.

an actly balance would allow to use shield resistance modules for the low power slot tho

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Get good use a Gila

The whole point of abyss is that you’ll occasionally lose your ship to a tough room.

Hush now rewards should not need risks

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