Abyss rework, PVP integration

I think the best thing would be to bring back the 2nd gate in the last room. People that do not want to PVP can leave and ppl that want PVP can use the 2nd gate

Burner proving grounds as a replacement/relaunch for the old 1v1 arena at the end of abyssal sites - Council Of Stellar Management / Assembly Hall - EVE Online Forums

Bring back old proving grounds - EVE Technology and Research Center / Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums

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And how about this- after gankers and griefers destroyed whole game with HS killing( while themself being scared of WH and null)- you take your own advice and leave the game, can I get your stuff?

If you do not have PVP content, maybe there is a reason for it?

For people that are crying every time someone brings up question of having strictly PVE space, you sure are crying about having WHOLE space strictly PVP.

I play this game to relax after very hard work day, it usually is 16 to 18h of work per day.

I am not here to provide YOU with content, I am here to watch MY numbers go up.

In hope CCP will see my post and NOT do something stupid as destroying one of last true PVE things to do in this game.

Also, someone said to bring second gate into LAST room of abyss.
AS LONG it is clearly marked AND with prompt before entering it AND off the way,

HELL YEAH, bring it on!

Cruiser vs three hawks? Cool

2 BS vs 3 kikimoras? Yeah!

5bil Gila vs 3x2bil hawks? Damn right!

Also, one 50mil hawk against 1bil Gila? Lol indeed.

But to put PVE ship UNWILINGLY against PVP ship that is there for free zkills?

Me and my buddies are out automatically.
That is about 300 euros per month.
And that is only 11 of us.

We will gladly go back to WOT or, hell- even Fortnite.

Fly safe and not drunk.

There are other games you could play where you can watch your numbers go up without interference from other players.

A simple fun example: https://www.decisionproblem.com/paperclips/

If you want PVP, undock in JITA4.4.


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Why not

It’s free and can see numbers go up into literal astronomical quantities while also having a nice corporation management theme to it. :slight_smile:

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Like I said, if you are not satisfied with eve, leave.

I do not see what is so complicated about it.

You obviously are not happy with current state of the game, so, again- take your own advice and leave.

Also, there is no need to tell me to go play some random game, probably in your eyes it was very funny, since I clearly stated what am I doing and why and what will happen if I do not get what I want from this game.

You may have misinterpreted my post.

I’m happy with the game, how it encourages PvP in a dangerous game.

I interpreted your post as a demand for playing to see the numbers go up without PvP interference, because of your complaints about the ‘gankers and griefers destroying the game’ comment. Maybe I misinterpreted your post as if you disliked the game. My bad?

The link I shared is a really interesting game about seeing numbers go up, I’d share it with more people who may be interested.

In fact, I’ve caught playing it again for the past 4 hours straight.

Well, you are clear in your demands. Not sure if CCP or others will listen to your demands though?

It sounds like “If I’m not happy with the game I will leave”, which of course is a very reasonable stance, because why play a game you dislike…, but why would you expect CCP to give in to your demands? :confused:

I dont demand anything.
If they change abyss I am gone.

Pvp in pve is not something I need nor want nor care to endure.

Pvp players, actually only gankers and griefers( basically zkill lovers)-they demand.

Ccp can do as they please.
Their bosses wants money, I do not give mine out for something I do not enjoy.

PVP in the abyss can just be a bit simpler imo.

-Players can now chase other players into the abyss, but only t4 and above
-Abyss effectively is 0.0 so no standing loss
-Timer mechanic changed to progression instead of instant death, so an invader isn’t randomly killed 10 seconds into entering, simply put change the time based mechanic into a ‘do as many rooms in 20 minutes as possible’ instead of trying to clear 3 before instant death
-Every room now has an ‘out’ gate
-Leaving the abyss drops you 250km away from the entry point with suspect timer for anyone who entered it including invaders.
-Adjust rewards accordingly

The problem with the abyss as it is currently designed is that the only real risk is server issues and getting ganked on the outgate with no counter play, i’d rather like to see the risk of PVP in the abyss itself

Or similar to above, but add in new filiment types.
-Perun filiments are exactly like we have now
-Veles allows for you to be invaded but lets you run as many rooms in 30 minutes as you can
-Svarog always ends in an arena where you and 1-2 randomly chosen opponents fight, winner gets extra loot and the spoils

There is absolutely counter play to be had. The last time I mentioned it on the forums it ruffled the feathers of a known ganker who didn’t want the knowledge spread further.

I don’t even touch abyssals and know about it, so I am sure you can do the same.

Also had two Gank attempts on my T6 Sacrilege so far, all failed.

I think I know what you’re all trying to say here and yes, CCP should absolutely open the doors for T3 cruisers in tier 5 and 6 filaments.

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