Abyss site and Exploitation

Xd can’t reveal character names here on forums by rules I guess. Not on the forum :slight_smile:

IMO, offloading the responsibility of deciding what the rules of the game are onto the players is really disrespectful of the customer base.

Players: Hey, literal game rulemakers, is this within the rules?

Rulemakers: Not telling :slight_smile:

Players: So… can I do it?

Rulemakers: Maybe. :slight_smile:

Players: Will I get in trouble?

Rulemakers: Maybe. :slight_smile:

Absolutely infantile.

It is fundamentally reasonable to expect the gamerunners to be able to clarify the rules of the game and it is fundamentally unreasonable to refuse to do so.

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Carefull there - you really don’t want to see Trainwreck angry.

I think it’s nice to talk about individuals and corporations that use toxic behaviour obviously this can be within game rules so I’m sure it’s okay to talk about.

I call people out for their behaviour all the time.

The more people that do call people out ,we find things like attack on groups like SRS happen , although in this case it doesn’t feel like it’s about let’s get together and bash the bad boys.

Why not sweetie?

I am a bit confused, are you for or against the SRS muppets?

Against them , there criminals acts are evident , did anyone actually pay them for high sec protection racket.

It’s more to do with who took them down and the story behind that . But it’s on Reddit somewhere for people to read.

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I lot of people use deep safes created from incursions, I do. I would seriously doubt that they will ban people for deep space BM’s created in the ways you detailed, there would be so many bans.

But the one where you manipulate jumping at the last few seconds to have infinite time in abyssal space would likely be something you will get into trouble for. And if you tell people this method, make sure that they understand the risk of doing this.

Good luck o7

PS I saw SRS getting their asses handed to them, was good to see, so if anyone has a link to that on Reddit I would appreciate it. Found it, all is good…

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Still no reply, guess they are fine : ) Oh, wait, managed to have devs added abyssal timer thing xd. Then deepsafe bookmarks are rly fine to use. 碎光geigei加油玩棒棒哒嘴巴继续干干净净香香哒,呵呵