Abyss sites just aren't worth it

So ccp is responsible for all the internet connections of all their players anywhere in the world? Ok, cool.

Why should it be easy to make a large amount of isk? That’s already a problem for eve, why make it easier?


When Eve is the only thing having connection problems on the computer while other sites are working perfectly, then the problem is CCP’s server and or it’s connection network.

Over the years CCP has had multiple problems with their server and usually it’s posted on forums / Social Media when it happens. Do you honestly think they’re also going to admit there’s major issues with their connection network as well?

WTF ? no.

I had two toons in the same system (not the same grid though) and one of them disconnected. Only one of them. Everything else was fine.
If this was an issue from CCP servers, then both toons would have disconnected.

It can also very well be an issue on the Eve client, or the user’s drivers, or whatever. We don’t know, they don’t know.


It could be just a random selection of accounts getting disconnected.

Here in California when Electricity usage gets high, the cities enact a ‘Rolling Blackout’ and temporally disconnect various areas at different times.

In that case the cities knows who gets disconnected.
I mean it’s not like the connection was the reason of the load. Disconnecting clients from the server for a random reasons is a very bad strategy when working on real time service. It does not alleviates the server load.

This right here is your problem. The trick to abyssals isn’t using something “just good enough” to beat the timers. You want the most overkill overpowered ship and implants you can afford. So that you can blast through the rooms with TONS of time to spare.

Yes you CAN do them with cheaper fits, but your margin of error, and chances of bad spawns increases dramatically. Bling is king in the abyss.


Could be worse loose a blinged out HAC to a Sleeper Battleships Alpha strike.

Seen a few loose ships worth more than 500mil and equal if not more in implants.

Abyssal are design to test you and your fit. You could heaps of great runs and the next you lose everything because of one silly mistake.

Internet connection issues don’t just effect abyssal run, but all gameplay, EVE or other game.

Don’t waste your time with abyss - https://forums.eveonline.com/t/daily-reminder-if-you-have-any-doubts-about-your-internet-connection-stability-dont-take-the-risk-of-abyssal-deadspace/

Google Starsector, it’s a really good game.

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I agree. No one should run abyss sites at all. I would love the income boost from less competition.


Today OP learned that unplugging his router and then petitioning the ship loss is not a valid tactic when his Abyssal timer reaches 19:30.


It’s saddening to see CCP nerf HS incursions to oblivion in favor of this flawed gameplay.


why? something which can be challenging or easy, depending on the tier level, that you can do solo OR with 2 mates, with random npc waves making you learn to adapt to what is spawning, i don’t see it as a bad gameplay…
you are not forced to do abyssal sites, if incursions are nerfed, there are so many things to do in eve…

I know that, that’s the saddening part.

Feels like they’re ending it and that’s always the answer: look elsewhere.

A lot of people are already doing that, but not within eve…

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my question was more about the word “flawed gameplay”, which i found unfair

That was meant in the sense that it’s a more niche activity than most others. Newcomers for instance will have a huge risk of losing ships and pods for little rewards. Excluding L4/L5 which is clearly not for newcomers anyway.

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you can do solo t3s with a caracal. or with 3 non too expensive frigs. How could it be harder for newcomers than incursions?

Because Sansha Incursions don’t have a countdown timer and those NPC’s don’t destroy player pods.

You can also solo T1s in an alpha-friendly Worm fit and an implant-free pod and you’ll have tons of time left over. You can manage about 50m an hour, which is comparable to null sec anoms in a subcap.

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I have been disconnected today while doing a T4 in a 1.7b ship + 1b pod, all lost.

I play Eve from 2014 and never get disconnected… I can’t believe that in all this time I get disconnected only while doing abyss in a shiny ship…

If you google alot o people has had this problem.

CCP fix your game!

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i got disconnected several times in eve, never in an abyssal site. So, if apply the same way of reasoning as you, i should think that abyssal sites PROTECT me from disconnexion.
What i mean is that drawing conclusions and correlations from an unique event is not valid.