Abyssal beacons update

So recon groups have a chance to spawn out of abyssal beacons, the further into the complex you go the greater the chance and the higher level beacons may spawn recon cruisers and upwards


nice !! :slight_smile: So it’s like a fob ? but with various levels ?

I didn’t really type that out well,

When you go into space and light an abyssal beacon, your beacon has a chance to spawn recon frigates. If you light a t1 beacon, you have the smallest chance, this increases as you proceed through the abyssal complex, you make multiple rolls each time you activate the gate to spawn a recon group in space at the probability set for your tier of abyssal trace.

If you light a t4-t5 beacon, you have a chance to spawn a recon cruiser or group of recon cruisers along with recon frigates.

This is determined

  • When you activate the filament in space
  • When you enter a conduit
  • When you enter an origin gate
  • When you leave the space
  • When you die in the complex

If you spawn a group of ships then there are no more rolls.

Also as a separate idea in the same way, you have a chance to spawn more enemies in the pocket you’re in when you destroy objects inside.

Abyss was a mistake, the best thing is just to remove it.

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But what is the Allure of Abyssal Sites doing this? So the Recon groups harass the system they are opened in? Thats far too easily exploitable. And frankly i havent gotten much in the means of loot from them worth that being a thing the salvage is nice, but still.

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