[Abyssal PVP] keep the 100% lootdrop there

As you may saw on zkill, this event drastically increased activity in abyssal pvp. A lot of former known ppl come back and kills happen in early morning.

What if we can keep the 100% lootdrop permanently in abyssal pvp? This made it more rewarding and encouraged a lot of ppl to do it.

By the way: what about adding faction and officer radsinks + PLEX as potential loot to the cladistic cache? This again makes it more rewarding.

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When you specifically mention a short time of the day in combination with “drastically increased activity” something is amiss. :innocent:

Why should you get more rewards, though? You PVE in complete safety and you PVP in complete safety from any outside interference. That’s reward enough, isn’t it?

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Now the instanced PvP people want special rewards.

Give an inch…

Time to remove the Abyss, it was a design mistake.


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I could see the loot being picked up inside being 100% drop until its outside.

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