Abyssal PvP/PvE Ideas/Suggestions 🦜


My suggestion is to make it so you can queue solo in abyssal pvp using a new type of matchmaking system so that players dont have to find other player to fleet up with but still has the option to do so.

Bring back the old 1v1 abyssal cruiser pvp with a new filament that takes you directly to proving ground so players dont have to do any pve and make it permanent along with all the current pvp abyssal event that are going on and we had before and the ones that are upcoming. Even go as far as crating new and exciting abyssal pvp types filaments like battleships pvp.

New abyssal PvE content for example battleship in a possible tier 6? Maybe more weather types for example “jungle” all resist reduced and all dmg take increased? 2 player in destroyers ? New “raid” like abyssal with large amount of players with bosses and unique mechanic require smart planing and strategy’s etc.

The abyssal pvp/pve options are endless. I look forward to see more and more type of different filaments.

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Or you could play EVE?

Instanced PvP is a blight on EVE.


This would actually be one of the few things that would kill EVE Online as developers waste years of their time trying to figure out how to come up with a matchmaking system for EVE.

They would have to “normalize” ships to make it work…


The arenas were gamed and the leaderboard meaningless.

And you thought more of that was better?

we do PvP in video games including eve for fun… it is subjective who has fun doing pvp… me personally love pvp in any game but I love it the most in eve

wrong… there is already matchmaking exist in eve in the form of the current abyssal pvp events… you fleet up with players and queue up and wait for matchmaking system to find you opponents to fight against… and also remember that developers are very smart individuals and not only one works in CCP… so it would not take them very long time to make matchmaking if is it wasn’t existing already

I dont know what you mean by “gamed”. I don’t care about leaderboards in general but I would not say its meaningless.

More content is better for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

Wrong, that’s not matchmaking. That’s just slapping together whoever is queued up at the same time. Matchmaking is COMPLETELY different, kid.

Yeah, that means nothing. Every single online multiplayer game has matchmaking challenges. CCP isn’t unique.

Scoots Choco

I’m sure they will overcome any challenges in no time :slight_smile:

…yeah, okay, I’m done talking with a kid who fundamentally does not understand what they’re talking about, lol. Good luck, spamming your threads, kid.

first im not a kid and you are so negative im just suggesting ideas for potential improvement purposes and all you do is being negative instead of thinking of ideas yourself or proposing solutions… shame on you

This is a sandbox game, you are suggesting it be destroyed and you are calling other posters negative?

Go away, go play one of your wow clones.

Persistent 1v1 direct access arenas aren’t going to be fun for long - the meta can be solved almost instantly and then all you get os the same ship every time. At lease the cruiser arena that was optionally available in the Abyssal Filaments required balancing PvE and PvP, so it had variety baked into the fits by virtue of requiring PvE survivability before engaging in the PvP content. Direct-to-PvP filaments don’t have this, and it hurts 1v1 arena design when there is no real matchmaking happening.

See this thread for extensive discussion on why 1v1 direct-access arena filaments are a poor development investment choice. Ship class doesn’t change the argument in a meaningful fashion - the considerations for frigates are the same for destroyers, cruisers, etc.

Restoring the post-clear 1v1 cruisers rooms in its original format is something I have consistently supported; re-releasing them as independent content is something I am wholly against.

Edit to add: please split your PvP and PvE content suggestions into separate threads - one concept per thread is the best format for effective discussion.

I am all for bringing back the old 1v1 Cruiser arena

The old implementation had a clear avantage over the current one.

If you didn’t get an ooponent at least you got some action in the Abyss and you got some loot.

From what I see, what they should do is reintroduce the PvE element to the Proving Grounds and have the usual 3 rooms before accessing the Grounds where your fleet is tested against average NPCs fleets, and at third room you can choose to just jump into the arena if an enemy is there, else get out to realspace with loot and some practice.

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