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I looked at the new versions of Abyssal PVP and I think that CCP does not understand what to do with this content.
I will try to describe Abyssal PVP and its evolution.
In the initial version, to get into the PVP room, you had to go through Abyssal T 3-5.
This option gave its positive and negative sides:


  1. Perhaps the most significant advantage (for me) is the ability to get PVP 1v1, which can be found in 15 minutes.
    I will explain in more detail. I could fly in K-space for 2-3 hours and not find any battles. More precisely, battles in which I would die in 5-10 seconds without a chance to win can be found easily and a lot, but this is not at all interesting.
    In other words, either no PVP, or 1 against the blob :frowning:
  2. A wide variety of ships and feats
  3. The ability to really make money on PVP


  1. Significant restrictions are imposed by the need to pass Abyssal T 3-5, many concepts could simply not be able to do this.
  2. Ships for such PVP are very expensive (one call is about at least 350kk, if you count on the minimum result)
  3. It quickly became clear that certain concepts would be dominant. And this led to the appearance of ships for 10b +, which can only be defeated by a similar ship.
    This led to the closure of this type of Abyssal PVP.

It can be concluded that the content was popular at the beginning, however, over time, the popularity declined and remained at a certain level, 20-30 ships perished daily.
The developers have tried to breathe new life into this content, however, despite the great success of the new several variants of Abyssal PVP, there is a decrease in interest in this content.

In general, all arena options had various disadvantages:

  1. Not 1 vs 1 and you need to look for companions
  2. Dominant concepts were found (the problem of 3 points arena build only without expensive feats (the first version of Abyssal is not considered :slight_smile: ))
  3. The option all against all does not provide an opportunity to show your skills, it all depends on luck.

As you can see, the ideal arena did not work out, I will try to offer my own version:

  1. T1-T2 and faction cruisers will be able to enter Abyssal
  2. Divide the abyss into 3 levels
  3. For separation, you can calculate the combat strength of the ship:

Combat efficiency = ship cost (estimated cost) / 5 + module cost * module mettalevel * N (count each module) / for Abyssal modules we take (module cost + multiplasmid cost) * mettalevel / + implant cost * mettalevel + rig price * mettalevel
We take the metta level divided by 10.

AT ships automatically get to the maximum rating 

The calculation can be done in a simulation.
The calculation is done again when the key is activated.

Specific boundaries can be set based on the following equipment kits:

  1. T1 ship with T1-T2 modules or other cheap modules
  2. T2 ship with T2 modules and cheap implants
  3. Ikitursa for 10b

When you activate the key, you can see how many ships are of their type (cruiser, heavy assault cruiser …) and with what combat effectiveness.
You can make it possible to save both ships, at the last minute the gates are unlocked, but if none of the ships was destroyed, then upon exiting the ships receive the status of a suspect (participating in the battle by attaching) and it is not possible to make a warp jump and turn on the probe module for 1-2 minutes + the exit location becomes visible by analogy with cyno.

When both ships leave, there is naturally no loot.

70% of the modules must be filled in to avoid the possibility of earning through alts :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Make rewards dynamic:
For level 1 as with T4 Abyssal about 30-40kk * N
For level 2 as with T5 Abyssal about 80-120kk * N
For level 3 as with T6 Abyssal about 180-250kk * N
The N coefficient can vary from 0.5 to 2 depending on the activity (victories are counted), the more victories (for example, per hour), the lower the coefficient and vice versa
I believe that these measures will allow attracting this content to become quite popular and subsequently retain some permanent audience.

Thank you in advance for your criticism and suggestions that will make the game more interesting :slight_smile:

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Scrap arenas.

Instead abyssal pvp should be based on the chance that Abyssal runners bump into one another in the same room and must decide to either work together or fight for the rewards.

You’re welcome.


Arenas might not be so bad if you could only activate the filaments from inside Pochven.

This is one of the worst ideas for abyssal, as you know in the first version of abyssal there was a group of people who flew VERY expensive dominant concepts, if there is an opportunity for several to meet, then it could be 2 random players against such guys.
It is also possible to use alts, for example, 4 players are waiting for a fight, 2 of them are on ikitursy and 1 empty moa, what should the fourth happy player do?
Making the “king of the hill” when using T2 cruisers will kill the content.

If you do this, then this is the same as opening them in the home systems of large alliances: came in - won - went out - died from the T3 gang + balgorn

Sounds like it would be a sandbox.

I think we should skip all this pretense. You should be able to launch directly from your home station directly into the arena. Any losses in the arena would be imaginary - you always end up back in your station with all your stuff. The winner gets a trophy.

I don’t care about my losses or loot, the fact is that the arenas made before were unbalanced, or random or the huge cost of the ship. Personally, for example, I will like the battles on the T2 HAC without batteries.
All suggestions for looting and saving ships are needed to attract an audience. I lost ships by 6-7b and do not regret it, because there was a confrontation between concepts and there were chances of winning, with normal pvp everything will end with the mother ship.

Abyssal filaments should just log players into Singularity and back to TQ when they’re done :crazy_face:


Wow, as much as I disdain instanced PVE and PVE but this commands agreement from me. Would be particularly reasonable as the Trigs are marketed as “Eternal fight and survival of the fittest”.

All arena/instance shite is going to favour bling and high sp players.

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Some good points there. Personally, I prefer that the old proving grounds come back as they used to be. CCP took them away for no reason at all.

That was actually fine, it prevented collusion(farming with alts) and kept some gay fits out, that would break 1v1 completely, for example a lachesis with 4 damps and a scram. Also, the old arena was more thought as a bonus room to get extra loot with the risk that someone enters too and trys to kill you.

That is why CCP introduced the new arena with fit restrictions. The new arenas are mostly easy accessible for new players and players with less isk. Alternatively, there could be two different tiers of arenas:
Tier 0-2 spawns a small proving ground, that you can only enter with t1 cruisers with max t2 fit.
Tier 3-6 would spawn the old arena as we knew it before.

The reasons the old proving ground became unpopular was not the Ikitursa or solved meta etc… It were the following:

  • Loot was not worth enought
  • Some TZ were excluded at the beginning
  • stalemating

There were dozens of posts regarding that here on the forums and on reddit. CCP did nothing and so it became unpopular. With the removeal and new events CCP fixed the wrong issues with the wrong solution. For example, I want to do Abyssal PVP when I want to, not when CCP decides to do an event. If the old arena should come back, the loot needs to be more valuable, it could for instance contain invasion materials or the veles entropic sink.

I disagree with the fun concepts, 3 times out of 5 attempts I reached the arena on a foil with a dump and stasis (only I came across an ikitursa with a sensor booster), the rest of the visits were empty.
The problem of farming with alts can be solved by entering a 5 minute wait before entering (all those waiting are randomly mixed). This will eliminate the “victory lap” from the pre-agreed players.
I disagree with the reasons you said:

  • Make loot to compensate for the T2 ship in T2 fit with 50% victories, you need to do 500m. This is a very unlikely decision.
  • T3 ships for such PVP will be worse than regular T2 ships, since they do not surpass them in damage, but they have more protection, you can collect locks that will withstand 5000 dps. Such ships will simply survive until the timer expires. There will be a loss SP.
  • Any content in EVE is essentially dead-end, for example, agent missions have not been touched for years and they are popular. Change is rare and mostly just adding something new.

One of the solutions against lachesis with 4 dumps can be the ability to leave the room ahead of schedule, for example, a special key (add soil to the LP, it will cost 50-60m), it will open the gate, but the one who applied it gets the effect from the main post.

Any other ideas on how to divide the arena besides prices?

well, the wait room does not really solve the problem, in the new arenas, people queued with houndreds of alts to get a very high chance to get matched against themselves.

Loot does not have to compensate, just be in line with the risk vs reward system ov eve. And I think 50 mil from a cache when you need at least 3b to be effective is rather low.
T3 ships were never able to enter the abyss and so never seen in the old arena.

I remember flying such ikitursas to counter ecm drones and burst jammers. There was a large variety of ikitursas. Towards the end of the old arena, the talisman neut iki became famous

That was not the case at all with the old arenas, CCP introduced it, abandoned it, despite there were dozens of posts about the problems of abyssal PVP. And finally CCP removed it. Its sad that it ended like that.

The fact that you not always get a fight, but free loot then could lurk people in.

I have made an iteration here already. Systems that work with queuing system as the events, don’t work that well for that. We saw in the T3D 2v2 that you ended up sitting in queue for hours without getting a fight. As the fits used in old abyssal pvp are expensive and skill intensive, too few players did it to make that system work well there.

So overall, for the old arena or similar, it would be better to have the old system where you enter the arena directly instead of waiting in a queue. By directly it would be better to have it behind pve sites to prevent collusion/massqueuing and to keep gay fits out.

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