Abyssal: Salvaging Triglavian Bioadaptive Cache Wreck?

I fitted a Salvager II to my Gila, just to try and give salvaging the wreck of the Bioadaptive Cache Wreck a go after looting it. So far, I’ve attempted 21 salvages, with no luck/nothing of value (and it seems to take longer than usual wrecks, though this may just be my own experience). No idea if it’d work or not, but figured I’d give it a go. Has anyone else tried this, successfully, or are these wrecks non-salvagable? I was curious to find out what it might contain, salvage-wise, just for fun. Not sure if lots of folks have tried, given the time crunch in these rooms, but what the heck…

EDIT: Updated # of salvage attempts.

I tried 3-4 Times last week. Found nothing

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I tried more than 20 sites (so 60+ salvage attempts), also last week. Nothing.

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Salvaging in Abyss sites could be an interesting mechanic.

Theres the increased risk in using precious time while waiting for your salvager to cycle.

If CCP ever adds Trigalvian rigs for the percusor weapons, maybe the parts need to be salvage from Trig ships


I managed to salvage a wreck with salvager I, after 3 times. but nothing found inside. :confused:

Those triglavians even deny you their salvage. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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