Abyssal site idea for capitals/ super caps

thought of an idea for abyssal sites were you can enter 1 room much like a horde site and clear the wave with some type of boss NPC at the end. when you kill this NPC the drop you receive is something used to create or pilot a traglavian cap/super cap so the rooms would be very difficult but the rewards would be worth a lot and bring up the prices of everything from people losing expensive ships and people conducting the sites. in retrospect it would help inflate the market for all of EvE and create more content for people to use their caps and super caps

No more Abyss

Remove Abyss

Just say NO to SoloROFLStompCapMobile

Bad Bad Bad


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We already have issues with capitals. Let’s not introduce more until we’ve balanced what we’ve got.

i don’t think you know what this means

CCP is currently trying to actively REDUCE inflation, so why would they implement something counter to their current plan? And how would this “help inflate the market” anyway? Are you just saying words because you think it makes you sound smart?

While the appeal of a Triglavian Dreadnought that deals exceedingly more damage every time it cycles its weapon is appealing it would be beyond a nightmare to balance. Lets work with what weve got first and one day well be worthy of our new capital overlords

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