Abyssal Special Boss spawn ideas

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i would like to have a special version of the Battleship Npcs that can spawn with a higher difficulty but no escord…

  • Emerald Karybdis Tyrannos (hp of normal karybdis + escord) Has a emerald aura that increase dps ye longer u stay inside it (drones need to be recalled 2 times, ships need to despool the aura for 1-2 times when close to 15km)
    -Plateforger Overmind (has the normal hp of an overmind + the max plateforgers that normaly spawn included in his rep)

additional bosses:
-Corebound Leshak (tank of 9 leshaks, weapon switches from explosive and spools up to pure heat damage)
-Black Flag Marshal Arester Troop (tank of 5 marshals, comes with heavy weapondistruptors, guidance distruption, damage of 4 Marshals)

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i doubt that it would be so exciting to encounter a “boss” as it sounds. first and foremost the strategy in the spawns you describe would always be the same (nearly to no decision making. tank and spank, or cheesing) and the difficulty would only show in the fitting benchmarks, granted they would even be harder. what makes the abyss fun is dealing with the different mechanics and figuring out how to solve a room ie. the optimal pathing, range control, target proirity to overcome certain ewar combination/heavy neut pressure, not timing out against heavy rr while still dealing with the ewar/incoming damage and so on.

karen doesnt hit at all once ppl are close and that will be rather easy with no webs on the field, no need to reset anything.

this (and also other single ship spawns) would make it a lot harder for the stormbringer since he already struggles with time against overmind. i am kinda torn on this one. i dont like the stormbringer because he can ignore so many mechanics, but on the other hand i also dont like to see less ship variety in the abyss.

marshals have paper thin tank since the “shadownerf” it would still die super fast and again, the difficulty in marshal rooms comes from the support ships which increase marshal application. they should rather fix the current marshal/edencom room and revert the “shadownerf” so ppl have to deal with the support ships first instead of ignoring them and having a “dps race” with the battleships. missile and tracking distruptor dont affect the already super easy and opressive (in the abyss) drone ships all that much, besides that they can outrange the marshal missiles and neuts which makes it even more of a bad joke… i really dont like any suggestion that makes it even harder for the under repesented ships, while other ships can bypass the difficulty (which screws risk reward ratio) and keep facerolling their way through t6.

a leshak spawn without rr, neuts, damps and webs sounds super boring imo. same as in the marshal spawns, as long as certain ships can ignore all the mechanics with their insane projection and drone auto aggro i cant see how another version of this room would be better, or more exciting.

you did not mention it in particular, but i assume a single ship (boss) should also have more outgoing damage than multiple enemies, but the high alpha damage in t6 is already problematic for quite a few hulls, not everyone has as much buffer as the elephant (gila) in the room (abyss)

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