Access the test sever

i would like to access the test server to try out fits and learn about station deployment but i cannot seen to log in

comes back as account invalid i have try several times to log in , but cannot

i am fairly new, and i waited for the mirror to be done not sure if its my account

i have 2 accounts and cannot use either on the test server

please advise

When were the accounts created? If it was AFTER the mirror, then you will not have access.

If it was same day as mirror, you wont have access as it takes a snapshot a few days before mirror is deployed.

If you were created before the mirror, there should be zero reason why you cannot access it, unless you did something unnecessary like changing the password

Gunnysgtrex should have access.

University of Caille 2022.06.05 12:30 to 2022.07.18 01:33 (42 Days)

Eve Exploration Academy Corp 2022.07.18 01:33 to this day (77 Days)

when was the last mirror

i had to change password a moth ago but that should have been updated

9/16. They make forum threads when announcing them. So between 9/11 and 9/16 is the window of when they start mirroring

i will try again

i am on

what command do i need to update from tq as it not up to date

The command shoul be /copyskills

how do i update my isk balance in test as i need to test upwell quantum core but my balance is 550m my live is 1.9bil

test server show core as 800mill

testing structure deployment

The Wallet can not be updated as far as i know - so you have to wait for the next Mirrow then.

On This Webpage you can see all available commands.

shame a

/boostbalance cannot be added as the balance changes all the time

i will have yo fore go the upwell core


If you can grab a bunch of high end ships for 100 isk each, you can put the highest insurance on them to get them blown up for the insurance payout.

Thats the only quick isk “cheat” that folks do for the test server.

Even then the cores should only be 100 isk each

so can i kill them myself
or ask others

I dont recall if self destruct will do it, so you may have to get others to kill you

self destruct works

long shot -

any chance of setting the cost of quantum cores at a 100m or less on the test sever ?

it would help me to learn about structures and settling them up as they should

stick a 30days and then kill the structure

@CCP_Habakuk shouldnt everything be 100 isk?

Then again i assume not, to prevent structure spam on the test server

understood about spamming TS

hence the 30 day kill timer

/updatewallet command , to isk update would helped as finances are fluid