Account Issues - Refund

(Pachee Nation) #1

What a shower CCP have become?

Waiting 38hrs now for a reply to a Ticket re payment issue.

Quick enough to take the damn money.


(Kirsten Swenson) #2

Maybe its not only your ticket they are taking care of? Im sure theyll get back to you as soon as they can…

(Memphis Baas) #3

Typical response times are 2 weeks for non-critical tickets, and 2 (business) days for critical tickets like yours.

If you’ve already waited 38 hours that means you started your ticket on Saturday, and should have a little patience.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #4

This phrase stumps me.

–Confused Gadget

(Pachee Nation) #5

A “shower” refers to something or someone who is inept and useless my friend.

Now 48hrs and counting…Another two accounts down.

(Salt Foambreaker) #6

A day and a half…

(Pachee Nation) #7

whoops should read 48

(Old Pervert) #8

Being an old pervert, first thing I thought of was CCP giving him a golden shower. That said, OP needs to be a bit more patient.

Most organizations have their accounting staff on 9-5 M-F jobs; a ticket opened on Saturday wouldn’t likely see any attention at all until Monday. I’d start the clock for 48 hours now.

(Baba Ji) #9

I wouldn’t mind finding out how or where you got this notion. Any examples of said perversion of its normal use would be sufficient,provided it is backed by a worthy text.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #10

38 hours is normal. In fact, one week is normal. Get in line, noob.

(system) #11

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