Add Angle to keep trasversal up in automatic orbit?

Talos Burner mission: orbit at 500 mt, but orbit works only on parallel to horizontal plane…
If I try to give a vertical orbit, so I can keep my trasversal up to all others ships around,
the ship, just any ship actually, will go back to the horizontal plane orbit, and make for an easy target…

Manual piloting with the mouse and keep 500mt distance is impossible, perhaps it could if there would be cockpit piloting with the joypad?

So why can’t we add a parameter to orbit, like angle? It would be natural and solve many problems…
Keep transversal would be a secondary effect to the angle set…

This is the only video where a joystick seems to work piloting, however I don’t seem to be able
to configure mine on the shortcuts preferences panel… any help much appreciated…
I have an x-box controller anyway, not the steam one.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could set your angle for orbits or tell the ship to keep the current orbit plane instead of going completely bonkers as soon as you tell it to orbit? If only CCP would do sensible things like that instead of implementing rubbish joke memes. :weary:


It’s just an idea, considering Valkyrie has never seen the happy merge bright side of day, if that’s the source for memes you were referring to… but yeah… we put real money here… no jokes on this…

Or change the orbit, varying the angle, maybe between two given angles… or goose piloting… changing angle here and there automatically… just apply some fantasy and useful coding… some options would be nice… it’s like orbiting now is like lazy approach, please shoot at me… if just it would be possible to pitch up and down whilst automatic orbiting it would be already a massive achievement!

the entire game is lazy approach on the field of thinking… its like ccp is an all designer team with no developer logic behind…

There’s also take two on the same mission, but anyway orbiting is just so much important in so many missions, not mentioning PvP. It really need to be improved. Please pledge me on this.
Let’s make this change happen.

Hateless did it in a Phantasm. I don’t mind actually the mission.
It’s the thinking that makes us uniques and valuable as players and not
only. He gave me the hint unvoluntarily.

I eventually improved my manual piloting skills and completed the mission

I don’t think a controller is very eve friendly. and from my quick research, even using programs to remap to the controller, it’s not very doable with the GUI of EVE…
that being said, you do you.

I imagine it working only in FPS mode, with very limited mapping.
That being said, it’d be fun.

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Probably because they don’t want to make things easier than they need to be, if you want everything to be as efficient as possible you have to do it yourself, this has always been the EVE way

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Since no one else has said it… #gitgud


And yet they added the FPS view… to me it looks like a job half done.
EVE way is about passion also, not only efficiency.

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The first person view was really there for people to line up things like bombs, but the tactical overlay does a far better job, was meant to feed in to the manual flight controls which have yet to be removed despite being functionally worthless due to the way tracking is calculated anyway

And passion is fine but when it comes to actual combat they generally want you to be in control of making it the most effective, its why there isn’t a setting like the OP wants

How does one change the angle of an orbit then?

To me the whole mechanic seems kinda random. In my experience the orbit almost nerver happens on the plain field like they said above.
It also does not seem to depend on the direction of flight when entering the orbit.

I would also like to be able to control the direction of flight in the orbit wich does not really seem possible as my ship just turns back around if I try to.

I am inviting @Mike_Azariah and @Brisc_Rubal to join this discussion.

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Best way to have the perfect orbit is to manually pilot.

Orbit is never going to be the best way to avoid fire while flying at the optimal place. Orbit is the lazy approach and should stay the lazy approach: no need to add angles to adjust the automatic orbit.


I agree it would be awesome to use a controller… or set some sort of cone-like trajectory. Would work for pve but in pvp not so much since you need to be zoomed-out to see where in 3d space your buddies and enemy is both close and at 100km range.
Having separate top-down and side views of the battlefield would solve that… idk if ccp is willing to add those features for the FC and a couple tackle pilots per fleet though

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