Add depth to ship explosions & reward response thoughts

so a few years back we ended up with ship explosions in game, the ships rupture and boil and then an insane bright flash and it covers a larger area as the ship explodes in a glorious display of desruction.

however i was curious if perhaps instead of the colours being simply orange/yellow/red (which are obviously all positive colours to effect the human mind) if we could simply add a little bit of depth to them with perhaps some blue and green to represent isogen and mexallon within the ships hull?

as it stands i like the animations and the way the explosion look, but when the explosions happen its just… bright, which against the darker background of the game, yes, does look very nice.

however i feel like the colours within the explosions simply lack a form of depth

here is a few screen shots from the youtube video about the next explosions on SiSi.

from the time stamp of 20 seconds in the video to 25 seconds the ship goes from internal explosions to total ship destruction and the shock wave gone.

I was curious that with more colour and perhaps a slightly longer explosion time of say 10 seconds, it would increase a Reward response within the minds of the players.

same with wallet transactions really.

when you sell something the wallet flashes up and ticks over (assuming you have your settings set up to show you this)

instead of the wallet ticking over for 3-4 seconds as the numbers climb up, could it maybe last say 6-8 seconds with a slower visual.

assuming these things are done, i will admit i don’t know what effects it would have on the server.

perhaps you could store the data for the current system and make the new one as appropriate.

if for example you’re not at war, you get the longer version, but if you are at war you get the shorter one.
but that’s an aspect of server processing and i think it left to the right people to tackle that problems.

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Real explosions are fast.

Wallet just gets in the way.

true but those are mundane explosions by comparison of the level of energy released from these explosions the PEGs on the ships which create our power have enough in them to power entire planets, i will admit I forget the specifics of the lore here but its meant to be a sizeable amount of power
that power being released and sundering the ships would have to burn through various materials and those materials would have different reflective qualities as they burn up.

would be awesome to see imho

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