Add distance to fleet member in watchlist. Incursion tabs help

I’ve a problem look out for my anchor when playing Incursions.
We add usually our anchor to watchlist and use keep at range.
Our overview is set like enemies, or fleet members. All same color.
On Watchlist tho there is no indication of your fleet memebr distance, speed, or any other useful indications…

How could I see his speed/distance from me?
Could Watchlist window be updated to allows for tabs??

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You could target him, or keep an eye on him in space if you have all brackets turned on.

I don’t do incursions, but I usually have my anchor targeted as I usually fly logi. Just don’t accidentally shoot him. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds like you want to add some more columns to your overview. These are the columns I personally like. Add in tags, of course, for incursions and for other group activities that use them.


I usually run with only Sansha tab open, if I could add just my VVV to that tab would be awesome, but I think it’s not possible without have the whole fleet to bloat the overview, that I would like to avoid…
Also swapping tabs is not advisable, I want to stick my focus on Sanshas all the time///

It’s watchlist overview that misses columns…

It would not work on Sansha tab, I would have to modify it but whole fleet would pop up…

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