Add NPC Area in the drone Region

Dear CCP,

We don’t have add since a lot of year some extra zone in EVE.

They are some area where they don’t have NPC zone in Null sec. And that will be great to have more for pvp.

Can you add one zone beetween Malpais and Oasa, in Tenerifis.

That will be give a lot of opportunities for PVP.

There is already too much unpopulated space. No need for anymore.

NPC zone it’s for pvp. Add only one constellation

Why do you need npc sov to pvp?

He wants easy targets lol

we can jump we jf in npc station for ship. Put jump clone in the area. etc.

like mordus region, blood raider etc

What is wrong with the rest of the npc sov? Why must all areas have access to npc sov? Why must all space be the same?

because with new cyno that will be harder and harder to make pvp in these area. Right now to go to omist we have only the wh to go. And time you loose your ship we need to make 30 jump to come back.

Add some area to ressuply it’s always good for pvp activity

Find a solution to your problem instead of asking for one to delivered to you on a plate.

Also, 30 jumps? Are you complaining about 30 jumps? Flipping 2019 instant gratification gaming plebs. If people make the effort to live in the ass end of nowhere you should have to make similar effort to go fight them. Jog on mate.

They dont npc sov is mainly used for farming missions and safe storage for assets as they can never be blown up so no tax to get your stuff back.

Maybe if they did not have so many blues they wouldnt ask for it.

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