Add one high slot for the Stormbringer ship

The Stormbringer is by far the best ship for dealing with big numbers of small npc frigates (and even cruisers), which makes it the most suitable for running highsec combat sites like ded 5/10, vigil and lower.

It needs one high slot for fitting the scanning probe launcher and it will be just perfect.

If you agree, let’s let CCP know that so they add it as a community request.

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Why not…

To be honest, I still think it’s weird CCP decided to change safety status to be a way to program our weapons instead of a safety switch.

Imagine how broken smartbombs or bombs would be if we could choose that it only did damage to ‘the bad guys’. I’ll never understand why CCP decided that the random AoE of Vorton weapons does work like that.

Warp at zero to enemies, start blasting your AoE and it won’t hit friendly targets just because magically your safety settings stop you from doing so? Ridiculous!

If any change has to be made to Stormbringers in high security space, I would revert this decision, because it doesn’t make sense to have safety settings do anything more than protect you from taking risky actions.

It shouldn’t turn risky actions into non-risky actions, it should stop you from taking those risky actions in the first place like it does with everything else in the game. Consistent gameplay.

Yes, as a consequence that means you need safety red to use it and can possibly result in a situation where CONCORD is angry at you and kills your Stormbringer.

It likely also means you won’t need that high slot to scan the HS combat sites anymore.


Concord ships have a bonus for sec status as well or standings with concord

That’s a really good point, I never thought about the effects of using Voltron weapons, since it’s similar to smartbomb effect, there should more limitations on it I agree, a solution could be maybe a rig you fit to nullify the damage on friendlies and make it obligatory in hs for these ships.

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I like that, a rig would be a good solution.

Not only would you have to sacrifice something in order to get the advantage that your ship’s weapon system only hits the bad guys, you would be able to do so in any part of space.

Right now it’s impossible to ‘program’ your Vorton weapons in any part of space outside HS. It will hit friendlies, whether you want that or not.

A special rig (or module) to change the weapon’s behaviour would be a consistent solution to allow these weapons in HS.

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